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    I ran into a peculiar CloneBD bug when processing the recent Blu-Ray Kin.

    Creating a Partial Copy folder from a protected .iso of the movie.

    (For testing purposes) I select every single title.

    When playing the resultant folder there is an extra that will not play. It's...

    Special Features -> "Thicker Than Water: The Making of Kin" -> "Play All"

    On the .iso, selecting this plays a title with 8 clips. The title is Title 2, run time 1:51:25, 9 chapters.

    When this feature is selected playing the output folder, nothing happens and it returns to the Menu.

    (Note: I don't even see this Title displayed on the Selection screen)

    There is a Menu option in the movie to select each of the clips individually and that works just fine.

    But "Play All" is a no-go.

    The workaround I guess would be to see these clips by selecting them individually. But my preference is to scan through them all using Play All.

    Obviously what I'm really trying to do in creating this folder is not to select every title but to remove a few that are not needed.

    I selected all titles for this test to show Title Selection is not at fault here.

    Attaching AnyDVD and CloneBD logs.


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    I thought I had already answered, but it seems my reply didn't make it here.
    So... the problem is going to be fixed. It's not really CloneBD's fault, it's a remainder of Screen Pass and CloneBD trying to clean up the mess (the many playlists).
    CloneBD doesn't really deal with protections - legally it's not allowed to - so they can only do so much.
    But they found a clean way...

    Thanks for your upload, it was very helpful.
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  3. testiles

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    Another headache from Screen Pass!

    Really looking forward to the new CloneBD release then 'cause it has 3 fixes I'm waiting for.

    Is it still set to come out some time this week?

    I'm glad it helped.

  4. testiles

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    Finally got back around to testing this in AnyDVD

    Works perfectly.

    The "Thicker Than Water: Making of Kin - Play All" feature now plays as it should.

    Thanks, guys!