Killer Elite (1975) Twilight Time edition menu problem

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  1. pRot3us

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    Ripped to ISO

    The blu ray menus on this disc aren't accessible, Play Movie/Settings/Extras etc. have no highlighted text to choose between them so nothing can be selected/movie can't be played.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Anydvd has no control over menu display behavior. Very unlikely to be an anydvd issue. What are you using for playback?

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  3. mbarnstijn

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    Hmmm. My ISO of this Twilight Time title was created back late 2014, in the Slysoft days, with version and it plays just fine when mounted with the current Elbysoft Virtual CloneDrive and playback with PowerDVD 16. All menus function properly and both movies on the disc can be played. Chapter menus also work.

    If I can find my Blu-ray of this title in my very disorganized physical collection I will pop it into my computer and see what it does directly from the disc with Redfox and PowerDVD 16. Don't hold your breath, though. That was back almost 27 months ago and I've stacked up quite a few purchased disc titles in my office since then -- and they're in very rough purchased order, not alphabetical. (That's what computers are for!)

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  4. mbarnstijn

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    Ok, found my copy of Twilight Time "The Killer Elite" UPC 811956020079. I've put it into my PC drive, chosen "region free" when AnyDVD HD asked what region the disc is, and played the disc using PowerDVD 16. Menus, movies, chapter menu all respond as you would expect, and I can play movies, bonus features and see the Twilight Time catalog. No problems to report.


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  5. pRot3us

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    Ok thanks for the feedback, I'll try re-ripping it/playing direct from disc.

    I'm using TMT5 (the last pre-cinavia version), the reason I posted was that I have seen this problem in the past that an AnyDVD update fixed, from memory I think it was the UK release of the 3:10 to Yuma remake.
  6. Nednarble

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    This probably won't be of much help to you but I have the same menu issue with a store-bought Twilight Time BD of "The Killer Elite." Can't navigate the menus in my Samsung region free BD player but the disc works fine in my region locked machines. Might be a region/copyright protection issue.