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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ch3vr0n, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    A new intermediate Anydvd (HD) version has been released! Version enables access to the new RedFox Online Protection Database. To ensure you will NOT encounter any problems. The below modifications are NO LONGER REQUIRED. PLEASE REMOVE all slysoft OPD related hosts file modifications! Failure to do so could result in potential connectivity issues.


    Even though this new release makes anydvd back into a somewhat normal operating mode. Please DO NOT SUBMIT LOGFILES YET for discs that the OPD / release cannot process. The developers, support staff and other staff are still very much busy restoring things back to normal. Please wait for a following announcement that logfiles can be submitted again.

    Slysoft is dead.



    Until AnyDVD can properly connect to the Online Protection Database on it's own again. It MIGHT be required you manually add the key server ip's to your windows HOSTS file. In order to be able to modify and save the hosts file you either need to have UAC disabled or execute the run command as Administrator. If you do not know how to execute "Run" as administrator or how to disable Windows User Account Control. Visit one of the links below.

    How to disable Windows User Account Control

    How to execute RUN as administrator

    This topic is intended to somewhat stop the continuous requests for the hosts file IP's in various topics and my PM box.

    The hosts file can be accessed by launching "Run", then enter the following command without the quotes and press enter.


    Windows will ask you what program you'd like to open the file with. Any text editor will do, but the quickest and easiest is simply "Notepad".

    At the bottom of the hosts file you add the following 6 entries

    Save and close notepad. AnyDVD should now be able to connect to the OPD. In worst case, try a system reboot after making the modifications.

    NOTE: Adding this will NOT fix BD+ decryption issues or new protections for NEW MOVIE RELEASES. Those will still require developer intervention. The hosts file only facilitates easier access to the OPD for EXISTING and previously encountered discs that require the OPD.

    Hopefully this topic can now somewhat stop the continuous requests for the IP and how to add them.
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  2. poppywood

    poppywood Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir.
  3. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    how can I check to see if it worked?
  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Insert a recent disc would be the quickest way. Mockingjay pt 2 would do. or any "old" disc that requires the OPD
  5. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    I'll see what I have. What about the latest Star Trek movie?
  6. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Any BD disc should do, check the status window for "OPD error: HTTP error 12007!" if you don't get the error then OPD access is working.
    Alternatively ping from the command prompt, if you get a reply it should be working.
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  7. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    At the moment it says Anydvd is scanning the disc.
  8. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    appears to be working.

    Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

    Current profile: DVD-ROM
    Media is a DVD.
    Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
    Size of first Layer: 1978384 sectors (3864 MBytes)
    Total size: 3952224 sectors (7719 MBytes)

    Video DVD (or CD) label: STAR_TREK__INTO_DARKNESS
    Media is CSS protected!
    Media is locked to region(s): 1 4!
    Video Standard: NTSC

    Using online database!
    Found & removed structural copy protection!
    Found & removed invalid cell pieces!
    Found & removed bogus title set(s)!
    Found & removed RCE protection!
    UDF filesystem patched!
    Autorun not found on Video DVD.
    Removed CSS copy protection!
    Found & removed 28 potential bad sector protections!
    Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!
  9. rik1138

    rik1138 Well-Known Member

    Ooo, is Mockingjay Part 2 already in the database? :) That'd be nice...
  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    No, i didn't say that. I simply stated it would be a a valid one to test with if the hosts file modifications are woring. However that one will likely fail because it will be a new release for which no data exists yet in the OPD. That one will likely cause an OPD decryption error message.
  11. rik1138

    rik1138 Well-Known Member

    Oh, damn.. I was hoping someone got an advance copy before all this went down... :)
  12. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    SO CH3VRON, did mine work?
  13. Recycle

    Recycle Well-Known Member

    You want to use a BD movie instead here to test it.
  14. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    Okay, let me find one.
  15. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    How about now?

    Summary for drive D: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 15-08-10)
    PIONEER BD-RWBDR-209M 1.30 14/12/05PIONEER
    Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

    Current profile: BD-ROM
    Media is a Blu-ray disc.

    Total size: 22553536 sectors (44049 MBytes)
    Video Blu-ray label: MARVELS_IRON_MAN_3
    Media is AACS protected!
    Drive supports bus encryption!
    AACS MKB version 31
    Removed AACS copy protection!
  16. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    By the looks of it that one is too old to need the OPD. It doesn't have any other protection than your basis AACS :p
  17. rik1138

    rik1138 Well-Known Member

    Unplug your network connection and then re-insert the disc. Confirm you get the error about not being able to reach the OPD.
    Re-connect the network and check again, see if it's changed.

    I'm pretty sure AnyDVD tries to connect to OPD for _every_ disc, just to be sure there isn't something new there, so even if it's an old disc you will get an error if it can't connect (but it may still say 'Removed AACS/BD+ copy protection!'). But pulling your network connection to test is the quickest way to see if there's really a difference.
  18. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    Okay, I will pull connection and try. It's been awhile since I bought a movie.
  19. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    if you have it, you could try mockingjay part 1. pretty sure that one is in the OPD :)
  20. rik1138

    rik1138 Well-Known Member

    I just put in a launch title with the network unplugged:

    Total size: 11960416 sectors (23360 MBytes)
    Video Blu-ray label: FIFTH_ELEMENT
    Media is AACS protected!
    AACS MKB version 1
    Warning, OPD error: HTTP error 12029!
    Removed AACS copy protection!

    So, yeah, it looks like it will attempt to connect for everything... :) If you aren't getting the error, you should be good.
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