Keeping original audio with 4K uhd

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  1. MartyMcNuts

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    My apologies. I only use CloneBD for the video. I use a different program (HD-DVD/Blu-ray Streams Extractor) to extract the audio. I extract TrueHD as TrueHD+AC3, which gives me both the HD and AC3.

    A question for you. If you have the DTS-HD track selected in PowerDVD, why would you want to select the core? The HD track gives the better sound quality. Also, the fact that if PowerDVD couldn't play HD audio, it would automatically play the core track (hidden inside the HD track)
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    hi there beceause my tv does not except the dts-hd audio it only excepts the dts core and the ac3 and im using powwerdvd to launch it to my tv this is why i was saying makemkv and dvdfab can do this with the option they have to select the audio i need but im a paid subscriber of your software and i dont want to purchase any more software this is why im asking you guys to do the same thing MAKEMKV and DVDFAB does please like i said i sent you the pictures of what there software does.

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    I have to ask..

    If you like to watch movies, why do you use your tv for the sound? Don't you use an A/V receiver?
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    I'm confused - if you're using powerdvd, you can throw any kind of audio at it and it should deliver the sound to your TV set just fine.
    The thing is - this core audio feature used to be in CloneBD, but it's something hardly anyone needs and it cluttered up the user interface with yet another option many people find confusing.
    So it was removed, eventually.
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    I don’t have an A/V receiver and that’s a shame that it was removed
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    I get no sound through my tv with the Dts-hd or the Dolby true-hd audio tracks and most 4K uhd that’s all they have so makes it difficult for me