Keep Protection (Blu ray/HD DVD)" ticked or unticked?

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  1. cheecheung

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    Hi, new member here, after reading so many threads I thought it would be beneficial that I register as there are many experienced members here that will be able to help me. I want to start backing up my blurays. From what I've been reading, ripping a bluray to ISO seems to be the best way forward. I have AnyDVD HD

    With AnyDVD HD, with Anydvd Ripper and ripping a bluray to ISO do you leave the option "Keep Protection (Blu ray/HD DVD)" ticked or unticked?

    If I opt for ISO Protected, does that mean I can not burn them onto a bd-r? I want to be able to burn them onto a bd-r untouched.

    For movies that members have problem finding a correct playlist for like: Red 2, Lionsgate films such as The Hunger Games and The Expendables is it best to Keep Protection ticked?

    Thanks for your time and any help would be appreciated.
  2. Recycle

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    Here's my experience I removed the CSS protection from DVD and MKS protection from BD and for each media burned back with CloneDVD for DVD and Imgburn for BD and had no problem playing them in standalone BD player. I removed the protection so that in the future should I use the backup to backup then I don't have to mess with all the protections kicking in when playing a backup. Also Anydvd HD is now beta so you might want to get the latest beta as well just to fix any bugs that the beta fixes until the next Release download comes out and I used beta and had no major problems with them so far. My assumption is if you leave the protection on that would rule out any kinda attempts to backup the backup that has the protection intact. I am guessing if you made ISO and burned back with Imgburn to BD media it should work still it's when you try to backup the physical media itself with the protection on that you will not be able to do that without Anydvd HD loaded to decrypt the protection so you can backup the media. As for those major Movies nah...IMHO you gain nothing leaving the protection in place I removed all the DVD and BD protection and had no problem playing them but copying backup is alot easier without the protection kicking in when trying on the physical media if you don't have Anydvd HD loaded. But this is from my experience others will be different...
  3. sondeterra

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    Opposing view

    Myself I don't own a standalone B-Ray player I have a self built HTPC. I leave the protections on as I only play off the HTPC, if something changes in how protections are handled by Slysoft it may then be applied to the protected Disc on the fly.
  4. cheecheung

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    Thanks for the replies.

    If I leave it protected, and later on down the line I want to put it on a bd-r would I need the original blu ray disc to run it through AnyDVD but this time keep the protection off?
  5. Adbear

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    No, just mount the protected ISO with AnyDVD running in the background and make an unprotected copy from that
  6. cheecheung

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    OK and what is the purpose of keeping an ISO protected?

    For newer blu rays that Anydvd do not yet have the correct playlist for, when making a copy, should the ISO be protected or unprotected? Like Expendables and Hunger Games for example.
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Changing re-mastering options afterwards (speedmenus, skip annoyances, change region lock, remove BD-Live or keep it, ... ).
  8. cheecheung

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    What about for newer blu ray discs that Anydvd do not yet have the crack for? Is my only option, is to keep it Protected? Does that mean the ISO will not be playable until Anydvd has a crack for the disc or they release a newer update?
  9. Jeff R 1

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    It almost doesn't matter _ if you create a protected ISO of a disc that AnyDVD HD can't decrypt, the you will have to create a log file so that James can update the program.
    Once James has updated the program you simply have AnyDVD HD running in the back ground so the ISO will play.

    Now lets say you have a version of AnyDVD HD that needs an update and it can't decrypt the disc, then in that case your only option is to create a protected ISO, create a log file and let James do his work.

    It is also highly recommended to be connected to the internet as some decryption keys are made available on the fly and in this case the program doesn't need updating as it's done automatically over the internet connection.
    Once the new keys are added, you don't need to keep connecting to the internet until another disc comes along that needs new decryption keys.
  10. ricoman

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    Why bother doing it twice, just remove the protection in the first place. Then you can even make a copy from the BDR if you eventually delete the iso, after all they do take up a lot of space on your HD. You can also take the BDR to a friends place to watch it.
  11. cheecheung

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    I think I understand what you are saying. Just to clarify when creating an ISO that AnyDVD HD can not decrypt I should always make the ISO protected? That way I would never get errors on the ISO?

    What happens say for instance I make the ISO unprotected but AnyDVD HD can not decrypt the disc? Would I get errors in my ISO even when later on down the line AnyDVD can decrypt the disc?
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  12. Jeff R 1

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    It's a matter of choice, if you're running a HTPC, many will make a protected ISO and run AnyDVD HD on the fly as needed.
    If you intend to burn said ISO to disc and play that in a stand alone player or save the ISO on a hard drive to play back in a media player such as a Dune for example, the you would need to make an un-protected disc or ISO.

    Your second question is a catch 22, if AnyDVD HD needs an update to create an un-protected ISO, then it wouldn't be able to because the decryption isn't there yet to create an un-protected disc.

    So if AnyDVD HD can't decrypt the disc and you have no choice other then to create a protected disc, then yes you would get errors or rather the ISO could not be played on any thing until AnyDVD HD decrypts the ISO.

    With me I like to create un-protected ISO's and so far I've never had to create a log file for James to look at with said disc that needs decrypting.
    James usually stays on top of things before movies are even released so people don't run into decryption problems.
    How don't know how he does this, but he does. :bowdown:
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  13. cheecheung

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    A friend of mine from Canada made an unprotected rip to folder copy of the blu ray, The Expendables 2. He told me that when he tried playing it back with Anydvd HD that there were errors on the unprotected rip. The scenes were all over the place. But he told me when he burned it on a bd-r that the film played fine from start to finish.

    So this is where my confusion arises.
  14. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    We are talking about something different here now, creating a back up of a Blu-ray other then in an ISO container, can cause problems like you friend has. He created a bunch of folders and files of the disc rather then an ISO, and some cases when those folders and files are played back, the structure of the disc can be changes where a player can't deal with it and you get scenes that can be all over the place. (just one example)

    Now when your friend burned the file structure back onto a BD-R, he got lucky and everything went back together again in a form where the Blu-ray player could read it properly.

    When creating a 1 to 1 back up of a Blu-ray, always choose an ISO container, not "Rip Video DVD To Hard Disc" as the option is described in AnyDVD HD.
  15. cheecheung

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    Thanks for clearing that part up. So if he had rip to ISO (unprotected) then he would not have had any problems playing it on his HTPC?

    From several posts I have read, I thought rip to image (ISO) or Rip Video DVD To Hard Disc (folder structure) does not make a difference?
  16. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    First question "YES"

    Second question answer, as your friend found out, it can make a difference and especially with a 3D movie, if you were to save a 3D movie as a file and folder structure the size would go way beyond 50GB. This happens because the files and folder structure saves the movie at double the size, a complete movie for the left eye and a complete movie for the right eye. (put simply)

    In an ISO container it's saved as an exact copy of the movie less the AACS protection of course or with the AACS protection in a protected movie.

    Some things can't be saved in an ISO container _ there are physical markings on a commercial Blu-ray disc that can't be duplicated as they are put there at the factory.
    This is why you can't make a protected copy on a BD-R and expect it to play in a licensed player.
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  17. cheecheung

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    OK and on my settings for Video Bluray I have:


    [X] Enable Bluray Support
    [ ] Remove prohibited user options
    [ ] Removing annoying adverts and trailers
    [ ] Remove video sequences shorter than

    [ ] Disable bd-live
    [ ] Simulate connected 3D display

    Bluray disc region

    [ ]Remove bluray region code
    (X) Automatic
    ( ) Always ask for region code of inserted disc
    ( ) Region A
    ( ) Region B
    ( ) Region C

    If I decide to make a unprotected ISO to burn on a bd-r and want a 1:1 copy of the bluray including the region untouched less the AACS protection, do I leave my setting as default shown?
    So I leave Enable Bluray Support ticked and Bluray disc region to Automatic ticked?

    Thanks for your time.
  18. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    Yes to both of those questions.
    I found just from my personal experience that if you start removing trailers/advertising or what ever and you try to play your burned ISO on a stand-alone player, that disc doesn't work.
    Some stand-alone players seem to look for that stuff and when it's not there all you get is a black screen.
    Also if you remove the BD-Live from a disc, it may produce a black screen as well, so I just leave everything the way it is when burning to a BD-R.

    There are programs though where you can put the disc into a MKV container and if the Blu-ray player says it can handle MKV files, it should play.
    I made a few of these, but you can't make a 1 to 1 copy when using MKV, you have to choose the correct playlist and sound track.
    If the software is good then it works OK, but I never trusted that system, there always seems to be some disc that comes along where the program has trouble identifying the correct play list and sound track.
  19. Cosmoterran

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    To confirm, changing these remastering options afterwards is not possible when protection is removed?

    If not, could it ever be possible in a future update?

    Also, can a protected ISO be converted to an unprotected ISO?
  20. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    If James stated that 2 years ago it's still like that and by design. As to convert the iso, sure. Mount the protected one and rerip with protection removed.