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    That doesn't answer the why, however, which is being asked.

    Currently, I am mobile so I cannot be detailed. Short answer is Microsoft is to blame here. Driver signing changes were made necessary by Microsoft. Microsoft also ended Vista support. Vista x64 requires driver signing. Vista x86 does not. It is possible to turn off driver signing in the OS but it's a bad idea for security reasons on an already obsolete and end-of-life OS.

    In short, RedFox isn't trying to hurt people running Vista x64. It's Microsoft that is causing this.
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    Microsoft is guilty of a lot of things, but it is not their fault, that we can't sign the driver with a SHA1 cert.
    You can't even really blame them for not updating the kernel to support SHA2, as Vista mainstream support ended April 10, 2012.
    Rest assured, we would sign it with SHA1, if we could. You're right, we're not trying to hurt people, but we have no choice.

    However, AFAIK you can permanently disable driver signing enforcement in Vista (later OS versions won't allow this). I can't predict the risk this involves, but I doubt this makes much of a difference for an OS which no longer receives security updates (extended support ended April 11, 2017). There are probably much easier methods to take over a Vista machine than distributing an unsigned driver and hoping, that the user has disabled signature enforcement.

    Here is a How-To (use Method 2 for permanent disable):

    Afterwards, AnyDVD can be installed with the /NoSHA2check command line parameter.

    I haven't tested this myself, so feedback is welcome.
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    I have Win7 x64 and I can't install Frustrated to no end - especially as I just bought the lifetime subscription a few months ago.

    And when you have both of those and it still fails?
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    It would be helpful if there were more details on this... such as how to set this up for those that do not know how.
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    Hi Riptide,

    <SHIFT> + right click on the folder icon in Windows Explorer to open a command prompt in the directory the setup is located. Then type in "SetupAnyDVD818x.exe /noSHA2check" without the quotes and x depends on the version: 0 would be the latest official and 4 the latest beta release. Hit <Enter>. You'll be asked for admin rights for the installation.

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    Thanks!! I'll try that out tomorrow!
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    okay, I'm a computer caveman. Having a raging monkey at the controls of an airliner is safer than me trying to unfuxate my iLaptop, an eMachines E725 I bought new in 2010.

    Having said that, I have tried to install the last two Redfox ANYDVD updates with no success. Each time I get an install abort message with verbiage something like "SP1 and update KB3033929 need to be installed" or some shit like that.

    Is there a link to downlaod SP1 (service pack1?) ? Is there a link to download KB3033929?

    Thanks, Y'all!!
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    Your detailed instructions worked perfectly for my 64-bit Windows 7 laptop. Never had this problem before, but now I know what to do for future issues. Many thanks!