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Just Want to Say "Thank you Slysoft"


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Jan 28, 2007
Thank you for your awsome service...

Saw 3 Unrated has been driving me mad...I bought it and the FIRST Day my little bro scratched it up..he is only 12 but it pissed me off...so I said to myself "I Can back it up with AnyDVD & CloneDVD2" and when I tried it I got the bad Error...

I pounded my head against the wall for about a week and now you come out with this KILLER Update...Problem solved...

Thank You for your great service of updates and to the people with anydvd it is surely the BEST program I have EVER bought as well as CloneDVD2...

Best Ever!!!

Thanks again
Ive been a loyal customer to slysoft for awhile now.I give them props for this forum.Cheers!!!:agree:

Thanks Slysoft, these forums will be great for us . I have AnyDVD- CloneCD-and CloneDVD. With these I can Back-up anything!!
before anydvd updated you could still do SawIII (doing the movie only) the extras is what caused the problems
ditto/ nice product and great service
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Thanks to Slysoft Dittos here too!

You have an awesome product and awesome update service! Keep up the great work!
Thank you from myself also. AnyDVD is a great product and I find it to be money well spent.
Brilliant program, great service, and importantly, a sensible price. Thanks, SlySoft!
SlySoft Rules! this is my first post on the forum and I just wanna say that I recommend SlySoft to all my friends and anyone that communicates with me. Updates, customer service, ease of use are what make you stand out over any other software out there. Thanks SlySoft!:bowdown:
I agree. With AnyDVD can I still continue to watch a DVD on my trusty but old RPC1-drive under Windows Vista.

Any time I have problems coping a DVD using the combo Anydvd and CloneDVD2 most of the time all I have to do is rip the dvd first with AnyDVD then make the back up using CloneDVD2. This way 99% of the time gets the job done if not there is usually an update within 24 hrs that takes care of any problem. Thanks for the commitment and the best service that any consumer could ask for!!! For the money spent the support far exceeds that of any other programs (software) out on the market.:bowdown:
Yeah, Me too... I love this product! I havn't found any movie that I cant backup with Anydvd yet...I drive a truck for a living and I have Backed up every single one of my 220 movies to take on the road with me. That includes every new release dated up to last week that i care to see. My money very well spent on Slysoft software...:clap: :clap: :bowdown: :agree:

I'll add my thanks too SlySoft.And for the Forum also....I think anyDVD is the greatest & when My 1ClickDVD runs out I am going to try Clone DVD......
THANKS again Rich