Just Purchased Lifetime License...Again :)

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by bluemanta, May 23, 2016.

  1. bluemanta

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    After many years of happy using AnyDVD-HD, and as I stated before, I just purchased the new Lifetime license.

    For me, it's a no-brainer.... once we pass the 2-year mark.... the lifetime license will be paid for itself. The calculation should be very simple:

    Lifetime license after 20% discount is €87.20.
    1 Year + Renewal would cost you roughly €85.

    One thing, if I may, to suggest to the team. You may want to consider changing the phrasing from "Lifetime License" to "Unlimited Updates" or "Unlimited Renewals". I think it would be more realistic option for many users.....

    I wanted to wish the new/old team much of success and long lasting presence. Well done in getting this off the ground quickly.


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  2. RedFox 1

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    Thank you for your continued support.
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  3. mantro174

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    It makes sense I just purchased the AnyDVD-HD lifetime license as well. This is a great product. If I had to keep swapping my discs out of a player every time my grandkids wanted to watch something different, which is very frequent, I would be going nuts. The whole collection is on a media server and they know how to use the remote control. :)
  4. FaceApes

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    help me understand how buying another lifetime license is money well spent, when the previous lifetime license turned out not to be lifetime...Unlimited updates doesn't even seem to apply here. I'd imagine a better term would be give us lots of money and we'll continue to give you updates as long as possible(could be a week, could be years, your guess is as good as ours). Bearing that in mind, the price just doesn't seem justifiable at this point for me(even with a "discount"). I might be more inclined to buy another lifetime, if there was a steeper discount for previous lifetime license holders...as it stands seems like my patronage is valued no differently than billybob off the street.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    You were issue lifetime updates for the life of slysoft. Slysoft is dead. More info can be found in several stickies in this section, general chat, third party news articles... the plan was initially to have former LTL's create support tickets to get the discount. However they realised that that would put an even bigger strain on the support staff than they already have now. So they made it a general discount automatically applied.
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  6. RedFox 1

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    The other license still works, just not for updates to V8. Slysoft went out of business, while as tragic as that sounds, the RedFox project has nothing to do with them other than having the same developers. We are even sorrier than you are. The Devs did not get paid, and we lost a lot of time. I know it seems unusual, but this was due to the AACS-LA harrassing Slysoft for years. It got the point where the attorney fee and fines could not be paid. It was a serious time. Now we have the RedFox project, I hope you will be a part of this. Try a one year license if you have any hesitations.
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  7. FaceApes

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    You've just reinforced my point. I'm no lawyer, and happy to be educated, but why don't you explain to all the new LTL Customers how forming a new company somehow protects them from all the same activities that brought down Slysoft. If anything as there are more successful takedowns it only makes it easier for the next mole that sticks it's head up to get whacked.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    They can't tell you that. If they tell you the steps taken, they might as well give the MPAA and aacs-la a phonecall and tell them exactly where everyone is located. Revealing the protected measures taken, kind of defeats their purpose don't you think? :)
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  9. RedFox 1

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    There are no guarantees in life or in software, we can only do our best to make you happy, and fight for what we believe in, your rights. We have taken every precaution that it will not happen again. Either you want to be a member of the club or you do not.
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  10. FaceApes

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    Admirably expressed, however I thought I had joined the club with my previous LTL purchase. Either ways, great software, know I'm not alone for my loss, but will have to think hard about having been left out in the cold from my previous club and evaluate my options before buying another so-called lifetime license. Thanks for the responses.
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  11. dunbar

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    I also paid a lifetime license 2005 and a second one for the laptop 2012.
    So both are now invalid :-(

    There were several issues with these "lifetime" licenses and once they even wanted to cancel them afair.
    So my question: is this a problem of the busines model, that it does not work?

    And what do I do with the 2 licenses now...garbage?
    Buy only one since I did not use the one on the laptop very much?
    A bit disappointed...and yes, I understand the issue with the 2 corporations but I do not see that the named reasons why lifetime licenses have to quit, are valid.
    It looks like the big joke from corporations that construct buildings, go bancrupt if they have to finish the building and pop up with a different name soon afterwards...
  12. RedFox 1

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    No, your old licenses still work for discs up until V8 went into effect. And they will work forever. They just wont work for V8 and new discs , and you wont be able to update past V We are all sorry this happened. It was a tragedy. But while Slysofts death was horrible, the new Project was the only way that any one could have new updates. Without V8, there would be nothing after a certain date. We hope you understand, and will support the new project. Thank you for your considerations.
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