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Just Friends, problems, someone please help me


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Jan 30, 2007
Hello all, I'm pretty much a newbie to backing up DVDs but "Just Friends" is giving me all sorts of troubles.

I've tried almost everything. Anydvd is stuck at 52%, I've tried it with shrink, nero, dvd decrypter, and no success. I've also tried non-slysoft 'burn on the fly' products, and all the same result, about halfway through, and nothing.

It wont even read in my sony external drive, and in my laptop's drive, it just makes an awful clicking sound when it freezes up.

This is the second disk of this movie i've had, and its the same thing.

I've had problems before, but even newer movies havn't given me this much darn trouble.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
My be the original Disc has some dirty spots. Try to clean the DVD with
warm water and wipe it dry with soft clothe and try to back it up again.
First of all try cleaning the disc. Warm, mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Clean the disc from center out, never circular like you would clean a vinyl record. Dry thoroghly the same way.
Second, try and burn just the main movie. If using Clone DVD, click on Copy Titles and not entire disc. Then make sure all are unchecked except the main movie and audio file. If using DVDShrink, assuming it passes initial quick scan, click re-author and drag just the movie (Title 1).
Hope this helps,