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Just Cause 1995 DVD doesn't decrypt properly

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by HansSchulze, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. HansSchulze

    HansSchulze Member

    Using BP50NB40 latest FW 1.03, VLC has poor video and audio on playing drive as well as extracted VOBs or ISO, or the disk itself. This is the second disk I try, and probably 20th on this drive.
    WMP says no disk in the drive.
    Nero DVD player asks for region code (was unset for last 6 months), then crashes 12 seconds into playback of disk.

    After setting RC, I thought, "Hmm." and tried AnyDVD again. Disk and extracted files (<4 MB/s, slow) now play. Even Explorer can copy and play the VOB files.

    Why post? Maybe someone else has a similar issue with this drive or disk. Or maybe something on this drive / disk made de-regioning break?

    Thanks anyways :)

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  2. scotton

    scotton Well-Known Member

    I think you should first set your region code and see if that helps. You have to exit anydvd and then set your region.(Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)
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  3. HansSchulze

    HansSchulze Member

    Yes, and after that, all tools worked. Why did 20 previous DVDs and BluRay / 6 months of use not matter? HW decoding?
  4. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    AnyDVD doesn't use the drive's internal region code to decrypt Blurays. Only DVDs.

    You've been "lucky" AnyDVD was able to crack the DVD protections before now, most times the brute force method works. This time it didn't.
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  5. HansSchulze

    HansSchulze Member

    Agreed. But a lowly 26-year-old DVD?
    Does the logfile in this case help compute the hash? Or did I have to save the working log file?
  6. whatever_gong82

    whatever_gong82 Well-Known Member

    Actually, when you set up your Drive correctly with AnyDVD, it was able to decrypt your DVD at the OS (Operating System) level, then allowing you to use whatever method you want to play or convert the DVD.

    By the way, the region for Blu-ray discs are based on where you got the disc from, not the drive, which is the case for DVD, and why you had to disable AnyDVD and then set the region for your drive.

    As a example, if you get a Blu-ray disc from another region than the one where you live, AnyDVD will usually ask you for the region for the disc. As long as you tell AnyDVD the correct region for the Blu-ray disc, then AnyDVD will decrypt it correctly.

  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Maybe AnyDVD calculated the wrong key. Don't know, you need to post a logfile with the region set to compare.
    And these keys look very wrong:
    1129.81s: title 1 range 284-288 0-0 (M 0, T 0) 288-292 key none
    1129.81s: title 2 range 292-329 329-2143141 (M 329, T 647) 2143141-2143178 key 0000000000