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Just bought Clonedvd2 and have a question ...........


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Apr 6, 2007
I have been using the combo of anydvd & dvdshrink for a long time but as you all know dvdshrink is dying a quick death so i bought Clonedvd2 and i love the program everything works fine and the picture quality comes out great but here is where my little problem comes in . I made a backup of a movie called two family house using anydvd+dvdshrink and then nero to burn to a disc , it took about 12 minutes for dvdshrink to rip the files to my hard drive and another 10 minutes to burn with nero all together 22 minutes . Then i tried to make a backup of the the same movie "Original disc not the copy" with the combo of anydvd+Clonedvd2 i clicked on "clonedvd" then clicked on the disc and it seemed to take twice as long to scan or process or whatever it was doing , finally when it was done it had taken 37 minutes then another 10 minutes to burn the movie so in the end from beginning to finish the combo of anydvd+dvdshrink+nero took 21 minutes total but the combo of anydvd+clonedvd2 took 47 minutes to complete. It's not the end of the world but i'm just wondering is clonedvd2 a slower running program or is there something else i am doing wrong , i checked my settings and everything is set to "DMA" . My computer is running at 2.6ghz duel core and 1GB of ram . i tried 4 movies and they all took over twice as long from start to finish. I love the program but just so i dont drive myself crazy is this just the way it is or can i change something.
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It seems odd that it took that long to rip with AnyDVD + CloneDVD. Your system specs are better than the one I currently use and I never take more than about 18 minutes to rip a DVD DL and compress to DVD-5 using AnyDVD & CloneDVD. Ripping a SL DVD usually takes me 5-7 minutes. Throw in maybe 8 minutes to burn with Nero.

Do you have the speed settings within AnyDVD set to fast and noisy?
I have it set to fast and noisy but it still took the same amout of time . After i click on "Clonedvd" it's the next step that takes up the most time it just sits there going through the entire movie for no reason in the big preview window once the movie is done i click next and then it spends another 10 minutes creating dvd files and then finally it burns . my question is what is it doing in the second step that takes so long i mean it's just playing the movie " why "

WOW do i feel stupid now i assumed that was clonedvd's version of opening the disc and i was sitting there like a dummy waiting all that time. Thank you soo much for the heads up with that and the super fast response here , Clonedvd is super fast now ripped & burned in only 14 minutes thank you soo much this forums rocks .