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    When trying to back up this movie, anydvd hd says that they had to guess at the encryption key and that some part of the disk may not work right. I can't even copy the disk using BD rebuilder. It only copy's about 7.6 Gigabytes of the disk and I have to download it to my hard drive. It won't work in BD rebuilder like most other movies do. Any body have this issue.
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    What a jerk. It is a DVD. Sorry for the stupid post
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    Please pay close attention to troubleshooting item 3. The logfile instructions still apply, even on dvd's. If it really is a DVD after you supply it, the topic will get moved to the proper section.

    There's a reason for that sticky 'read before you post'. And shortly said, you've said it doesn't work, but you've supplied zero information to enable us to see WHY or WHAT doesn't work because you've not supplied a logfile, no error message, you didn't say what your were doing or how you were doing it,...

    We need a lot more info before we can begin to assist you.

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