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    First time posting so bear with me. Creating a backup of Blu-ray Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. When creating an Image of the disc there are no apparent errors and image is created without issue. (See GDrive log).

    Now when I mount the image and rip to hard disk, it errors out pretty quickly (Error Picture), with the resulting log if I click continue (AnyDVD Error Log). See the resulting QDrive log which is produced during this operation.

    I have read this (https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/please-read-this-before-you-post.71489/) "before you post" topic and it talks about read errors and this possibly being a disc or reader issue. I have tried 3 different disks, and 2 different blu-ray readers with the same result. When I try converting with Handbrake it yields a 41MB movie. I have backed up blu-rays in the manner for quite a while without issue, so I am at a loss.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I assume, you create a protected image, right?

    I assume, you create an unprotected image, right? Or ripping to folders?
    What appens, if:

    1.) You create an unprotected image from the original disc?
    2.) You use handbrake on the original disc?

    You might want to get rid of dvdfab.sys, it might interfere.
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    I've got the same disc as you according to the numbers in the log file name. I had no issues with reading my protected ISO rip and converting it with Handbrake.
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    Thanks James

    Yes on protected image file, then rip to folders before handbrake to mp4.

    I didn’t try unprotected image, I will try removing dvdfab.sys must be reminent I thought it was removed!

    Thanks Jraen2, it kills me two readers and 3 discs couldn’t yield that result. Back to drawing board!