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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Vata Raven, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Vata Raven

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    Does anyone use this media center player software?
  2. whatever_gong82

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    JRiver is pretty useful, and works well with AnyDVD.

    Even though it is paid software, I find it efficient, useful, and worth the price.

    Other people on this Forum use this software. I would use the Search function on this website to read more about it, since It is often mentioned in the Third Party Products section, and even with ordinary AnyDVD questions.

    I'd give it trial spin if I was you. That way, if you don't like it, you can remove it.

  3. Vata Raven

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    That's a given, but

    It keeps trying to download something with anything that requires videos to play.

    It says "adding required components"

    Yet, I can launch videos with VLC and Media Player Classic without the need of extra downloads.

    If it's required, why is it not packaged within the software?
  4. jmone

    jmone Well-Known Member

    It is downloading LAV Filters and also madVR (if you check Tools --> Options --> Video --> Video Mode: Red October HQ). Many just use MC for Audio and did not want the video "extras" packaged in the core product. It should only download it once on the first video playback (or when there is an update to these parts)

    I use MC and highly recommend giving it a go.
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  5. whatever_gong82

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    I've been using MC for at least 4 years now. It will only become the default audio/video setting for your machine if you choose to let it.

    To Vata Raven, I would play around with it--JRiver, and allow what you like, and don't allow what you don't.

  6. Vata Raven

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    When their own page claims this

    JRiver Media Center offers the highest quality video available. And it plays everything, without any setup required.

    Without setup? Clearly a lie on their part. It might not seem like an issue, but what about computers without internet or poor internet service. I can't just download whatever I please because I have a internet usage limit.

    For a package that cost $50 and has a larger file size than VLC and Media Player Classic; it should work without the need to download plug-ins.
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  7. SamuriHL

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    It's trying to ensure you have the latest supported version of those plugins, as well. They are fairly small downloads and will be updated periodically to make sure you have the latest. IMO mc is the best player out there. I've also been using it for many years. Personally I rip everything to mkv and add it to the video library. Which is another thing it'll need internet for... Downloading information about your library. This will basically create your own personal Vudu or Netflix.

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  8. Vata Raven

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    How do I go about downloading these required files before attempting to play videos?

    I do not have the internet to download what I please, so I have to either wait until my Free Zone period (midnight to 5am) or go to the public library. I have internet, but it is not for downloading big files.