Joining MPV & MPA to form M2TS - How?

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by Anthony1uk, Mar 14, 2010.

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    I was hoping someone could help with this, googling is getting nowhere and have for the moment tossed in the towel.

    I have Demuxed my HD-DVD of The Shining to a MPV and MPA file.

    The MPV will be VC1, and the MPA is TrueHD.

    I thought it would be a simple process of remuxing them together with TSmuxer, it was not.

    The video file was recognised fine, but the audio TSmuxer brought an unsupported format error.

    Is there any other way I can losslessy join these two files so I can play back the movie on my PS3?

    What I usually do with my Blu-rays is split my M2TS files up with MultiAVCHD into 4GB chunks and play them on an external USB drive which allows perfect seemless and lossless playback on my PS3 of blu-rays.

    Is there anything else I can do to get these files to play, or just redoing it from scratch to get my HD-DVD's to play like this on my PS3?

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    Why demux you the HD-DVD ? You can change them simply with Clown BD in m2ts or in BluRay

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  3. Anthony1uk

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    I did not know this, massive thanks Dave, you have saved me a load of time, hassle and energy.

    Will try reconverting from scratch it using ClownBD tomorrow.
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    Are you sure the MPA audio is trueHD?

    If I remember correctly the old audio MPA and MP2 were the same thing, and they were old 2 channel audio something like from TMPGE PLUS standard definition audio.

    And, you could author the streams audio mpa, video mpeg2, and subtitles and burn the video TS folder.
  5. Anthony1uk

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    Yes it was, but it does not matter anymore as I have just had time to try out ClownBD.

    Can I just say what an amazing app. I'm amazed this is not retail.

    I have converted my HD-DVD directly to the external hard drive 4GB split PS3 format AVCHD straight on one go (previously it was a two step process for Blu-ray and four step for HD-DVD).

    I was a little concerned seeing the optional extra in the need to OCR subititles, but I did not and tried it on my PS3 just now and subtitles are there, as is TrueHD full bitrate showing.

    I did the process directly from the disk, so no ripping the movie to the hard drive and it took 30mins for the entire process to be complete; again simply amazing time.

    I am now thinking of boxing up my EP30 and just doing this whenever I want to watch a HD-DVD as I prefer my PS3 for hidef playback.
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    Thanks, I'm pleased you liked it. Save your money for CloneBD, hopefully it will be worth every penny.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    I've got no doubt it will be worth every single penny.