John Wick Collection (1-3)

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    I got the John Wick: Chapters 1-3 collection (USA) at BestBuy. Tried to rip using the AnyDVD Image Ripper and when playing the isos in VLC, shows various issues (possibly screenpass?). Used default AnyDVD settings.

    Collection UPC: 031398316909-80

    JW1: Loads to menu just fine, but shows scenes out-of-order.
    JW2: Doesn't load to menu, only shows loading icon, then blank screen.
    JW3: Loads to menu just fine, but shows scenes out-of-order and copyright notice partway through.
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    Not an anydvd issue. That's a VLC problem. All 3 titles are supported by Anydvd just fine. VLC isn't a licensed BD player and among other things lacks full BD support and picks a random playlist. It's an excellent basic video player, it sucks at everything else. Try a licensed BD player such as PowerDVD
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    That's fair, VLC probably was a bad choice to test with. I finally got my hands on some blank BD-R DL discs and burned JW2 to one so I can test it in a standalone player. The disc loads fine in the player and is recognized as a BluRay disc, but as soon as it starts playing, it shows a blank screen. As a test case, I burned a different title (Sonic the Hedgehog) to another BD-R DL disc from the same pack and played it in the same player and it worked fine, so we can rule out any problems with the blanks themselves. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is.

    Standalone player: LG BPM35
    BD-R DL media: Optical Quantium (MID: RITEK-DR3-000)
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    Just tested JW1 on the same blank and the same player all the way through, plays fine.

    Edit: just tested JW3, also works fine.
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