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  1. i have new movie John Wick 2 canadian version i think i need fix playlist i have already tried with anydvd to rip is work but no menu black screen and i have original disc when i tried to play original disc in my computer the movie not start black screen i tried with 2 bluray burner but when i close anydvd and load the movie is start with the menu i think is have problem with anydvd can you fix that thank you

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    There's no problem with AnyDVD or your title. Your disc is supported just fine. That's not a new movie either. That title is at least 3-4 months old.

    Java BD protection good playlists: 796

    You need to tell whatever you're using for playback to load that playlist AnyDVD mentions

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  3. i use PowerDVD 17 is strange when i close anydvd the movie original disc play normalie with menue everything is fine but when anydvd is load i can not play the movie and the rip is make anydvd is corrupt blank screen no menu
  4. i think is not the same movie because i remember 3 or 4 month ago i rend and the same one i have now but not have the same preview movies the new one have new movies preview like movie detroit and Power Ranger and valerian and the city of a thousand planets and american Assassin
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    I will look into it, but please @Patrick lebrun , create an own topic, this thread is about "Hitman's Bodyguard", it's confusing, when you post about a totally different disc and your post is hard to find that way.
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    Posts split into their own topic.
  8. ok sorry for the confuse
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    Can you please try the latest AnyDVD 8.2.0.x beta to rule out a potential driver problem?
  10. i use latest
  11. is just the movie John Wick 2 Canadian is give me black screen no menu with Power dvd 17 with anydvd is open when is close is ok and i tried with the hitman bodyguard canadien and with anydvd is open no problem with Power dvd 17 is load normalie with all menu and i also tried with father and guns 2 no problem thank you
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  13. i update to beta version same problem John Wick 2 Canadian eone Les Films Seville no load with anydvd is open with power dvd 17 but load with anydvd is close and also i tried with 2 other movie when anydvd is open the 2 movie load with Power dvd 17 thank you
  14. hello i do something new i use Proces Monitor And Powerdvd 17 and i play the movie for 15 minute and when i play the movie not in the menu 30 second after the start the movie right away is this playlist is show 00378
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    the process monitor "trick" is severely outdated and doesn't work anymore with current screenpass protected discs. The protection has "evolved" to use cached playlists. Meaning the proper clip sequence under the playlist number of an INCORRECT playlist.
  16. hello i want to try this version of anydvd how i can find thank you
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