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    Received disc 6/16/17. Proceeded to rip to image then burn with imgburn to a physical disc. This is how I always make my backups. Result blank screen on my standalone. Played original disc in standalone and played. Attached log file First time poster. Go easy Chevron

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    Don't worry, I never go berserk unless needed. Your ripping and burning method is the same as mine, and it's fine. That the original played in the standalone is normal, you say the backup results in a black screen. If I remember correctly, @Pete said that the playlist mentioned currently is correct. However full disc playback may require additional tweaking. See if the speedmenu works. Now personally before burning I always test the output first, and if needed burn to a bd-re. Never any coasters that way.

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  3. nickb01

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    Speedmenus worked using Powerdvd 16.
    Will wait for tweak before burning.
    Will try to get bdre's soon
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    Ripped Red Box source disc to image, burned to BD-RE using ImgBurn. Playing BD-RE in stand alone player, and PowerDVD 16, shows black screen.

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    Please read my post above again. It states exactly what you can do and what's going on.

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  6. nebostrangla

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    Why would anyone be burning a "rental". And if it was necessary why would it be put on anything other than a rewriteable disc that can be erased and reused.

    I feel that I need to mention this again,
    it is NOT CALLED BACKING UP if it's a rental because you don't OWN IT.
    That's something else entirely different from what these products are originally made for.
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  7. Ch3vr0n

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    It's called time/format shifting.
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    I can see many reasons why "backing up" a rental.
    In most countrys it's illegal to "back up" a BD you "own".
    And poster is saying he/she burnt to a BD-RE and those can be erased and reused, right?
  9. nebostrangla

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    I do time shifting all the time (redbox 24 hr rentals) but it doesn't ever require me to burn to a [non] rewriteable disc.
    Protected ISO / PDVD or VLC. Works just fine.
    And @autodidact the OP wasn't using those until ch3vy "recommended" them. And again it's not called "backing up" if you don't "own" it.

    Two completely different things.
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  10. Ch3vr0n

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    That's because you're watching on a PC. Not everyone does that. Neither do I. If you own the original and it won't let you rip, and you rent that version and it will let you rip, then it is backing up.

    If you don't own the original and you watch it a little later it's called time shifting. Now back on topic. The forum staff will decide what is and isn't backing up.

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  11. garyjg1

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    hello I'm trying to rip john wick 2 to my my hard drive it rips a couple of minutes then stops with error message - File03VTS_19_VOB16674816600064 -can you please help
  12. d00zah

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    AnyDVD log? I would recommend updating to the beta in the post at the top of this forum & if it still fails, post the log.
  13. Ch3vr0n

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  14. Joseph63

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    Where is the link to I have looked and not been able to find it. Thanks
  15. Ch3vr0n

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    Same place every beta version is. In the sticky on top of a forum section.
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  17. Dopedogg

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    Hi everyone, this is my first post.
    I had trouble ripping JW2 also. I then used Make MKV, it ripped the whole movie to a desktop folder, I then ran it thru HandBrake that brought down to 669MB. I stopped using dvd's years ago. I have a Synology NAS media server to watch either in the house or on my mobile app. Most of the time I just down load a few movies to my phone and/or carry a thumb drive loaded with video.
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    Not that it is any of my business, but I would like to point out, you can purchase from RedBox, as I have done in the past, (although that is probably not the case here). - Just saying

    I will go get back under the rock from which I came, now.