John Wick 2 and Hacksaw Ridge

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    This is the DVD section, the poster was using CloneDVD and you typed:
    That is for Bluray only, your post would be confusing for someone that didn't know better.
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    No, you make your back-up and play the DVD in a DVD player and you have NO, ZERO, audio destruction. If I had to spend that much time just to get a copy of a DVD, I wouldn't even bother.
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    the removal of cinavia with AnyDVD (+ CloneBD) is for blu-ray only. Certain third party tools (which shall remain nameless here) claim they can do it for DVD's also. But i will agree that a cheap DVD only standalone player would be the best option. They don't have to detect it
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    As to whether someone wishes to remove Cinavia is up to them. And how they play that disk is also up to them.

    I would totally agree with you, I would NEVER attempt to remove Cinavia from any disk BD or DVD.

    I was just showing those that want to can even with a DVD using CloneBD by making the DVD appear to be a Blu Ray, that's all.
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    i am not using blu ray just dual layer and i get Cinavia errors.
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    Dual layer WHAT? Both DVDs and bluray come in dual layer. Please create YOUR OWN topic and be more specific.

    - what are you doing
    - what are what's happening
    - what are you playing on...

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    I bet you are using a Bluray player though. Play your DVD with a DVD player (even the upscaling ones) and you won't have any Cinavia issues. If you're going to use a Bluray player to play DVDs, you need one made prior to 2012 to not have Cinavia issues.
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