I've looked, but I just cannot find it.....

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  1. tlpenn

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a simple request. I have looked through the forum posts and just cannot find a answer.

    Please, is it possible to take a backup that was created (kept intermediate folder was checked) and just burn straight to another backup disc?

    Or, do you have to rip each and every time? I thought I read in the changelog that a recent version ( 2015-02-06), where it says this: 2015-02-06
    - New: burn multiple discs (select in dropdown box on processing page)

    Am I reading this correct? Can I just burn a folder (intermediate) that was created at an earlier time? Do I have to rip and burn each and every time.

    Thanks for all you do......

  2. MCalca1706

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    There seems to be an option in Clone BD to save the temp directory but I don't know if this can be use to burn multiple copies of the same disc. This seems to be implied. I always burn from tested Any DVD HD ISO files. There are some listed dirs and ISO files listed when Clone BD starts.
    I suppose that these can be used for this purpose. In Clone DVD you can change the destination disc and press burn and it would burn another copy of the same disc, taking much less time because it is only burning not processing again. It would be very useful to be able to do this in Clone BD, especially because the processing takes so much time. If you can't get a response here you should write to Elby directly. it's a good question. It seems so many good questions go unanswered on these forums.
  3. Pete

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    After starting to process the disc, you have the following drop down options on the processing screen:

    burn another disc.png

    "after processing: burn another disc".

    You can also simply convert to folder and then use ImgBurn (free) or any similar tool to actually burn to disc any number of times.
  4. MCalca1706

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    Post Processing Menu Option, Burn Another Disc

    Very good to know. I have seen the do nothing option but did notice that there were other options. We really need a guide!