I've already installed the Macrovision program

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Hello123, Mar 28, 2008.

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    My apologies if this has been answered 50 times before. I installed AnyDVD and have been able to defeat the CDS300 protection on a set of CDs (recordings of a seminar that I bought legitimately but want to put on my iPod).

    Before doing that, I had (ignorantly) installed the Macrovision program that allows you to play the protected .WMA files on my desktop.

    The tracks have come out scrambled, even when played as .CDA files from the disc while running AnyDVD on my desktop.

    I then installed AnyDVD on my laptop, and have successfully defeated the Macrovision protection and ripped the files onto the computer--they play correctly.

    This indicates to me that something has been placed on the hard drive or registry by the Macrovision program I had initially run.

    My question is how can I remove this?
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    First like the prior: what Macrovision Program??? Never herd of anything remotely close to what your talking about...

    If you want to rip your CD'd AnyDVD is for DVD's try and aspi Driver and use Itunes to rip them to mp3...