It has taken almost a day to get 18%... Is it hopeless?

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    I really dont know what to think... I had one read error early on that I "continued" after, but it has taken about a day to get 18%. Nothing more to acknowledge, but its literally taking forever. (Iron Man 2 blu-ray). Should I bail on this? Is this think making anything worthwhile at all in this amount of time?

    BTW, I'm ripping an image.
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    Thanks for your reply. That is all well and good... and yes, very basic information. But that does not answer my question. Is there value in continuing? one bad sector on a disk does not mean the track I will eventually pull off is effected at all. The fact that it is taking FOREVER, but not giving me any more errors is my question at hand. I have also done the usual... tried two different computers, and three different drives, cleaned the disk 3x.

    Its not that it isnt progressing... its going between 0.01 and 0.04 MB/s.

    THank you.
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    1 bad sector very much means the title is affected. That's the very definition of a bad sector. It sure as hell shouldn't take a day to even get to 18%, that should be your other clue that it's a bad disc, especially if the drive rips other discs fine. Tried the same discs in multiple PC's and drives, that's your third clue right there that the disc is bad.

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    Hmm, interesting note... when I exited, I get a log of bad sectors. Apparently, "continue" suppresses future errors. The list of bad sectors is endless. I find it strange that the disk plays fine, but yet when trying to rip, it reports dang near every sector bad. Yes, I GET IT that you say the disk is bad. I'm just reporting my observations.
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    Continue means exactly that, continue ripping despite the errors (and thus ignore them). That doesn't mean the end result will be fine.

    And as that post says you were linked to, 'just because it looks/plays fine, doesn't mean it's fine for ripping'.

    Exchange it

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    the dialog should be changed. Continue should be "Ignore Errors" so that its clear that its not just skipping this error, but skipping all errors
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    Damn tapatalk always adding their own tracking "link share" crap to the URL. Usually remove it completely, must have overlooked a part this time. That's all it is :)
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