Issues with movie length on Archos

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by SimonRHalmshaw, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. SimonRHalmshaw

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    Has anyone heard of this issue before?
    I have a DVD that I converted to use on my Archos AV504, the DVD is a TV series, total length of converted movie is 2hrs 57mins, when converted comes out at 1.36Gb. When I start to play the file it will only play the first 2hrs 12mins and then stops. If I run the file on my PC it plays fine all the way through.
    I ran the conversion again and deliberately selected the Archos AV series for the conversion and this reduced the file size to 1.06Gb, this resulted in the file running on the Archos for 2hr 31mins.
    I ask this here only in case someone has met this issue before when converting large files or long running movies.
  2. Peer

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    When playing on the PC, does Windows Media Player show a funny behavior around the 2:12h? (does time slider range 0...2:12h instead of 2:57).

    If your archos works with MP4 files, can you please try this:
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