Issues with CloneDVD2 since last two updates of AnyDVD

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    Since the last two updates of AnyDVD ( and I've not been able to burn a copy of a DVD using CloneDVD2. After putting in a blank disc (and YES I've tried multiple blank discs - this isn't the problem) CloneDVD will recognize that there is a blank disc in the drive and start the process "setting up, erasing", but as soon as it gets to "writing" it hangs up and then eventually fails. I get an error:

    Writing to video media was not successful. Media Write Error. Please replace the media and try again.

    Once again, I've tried on 5 more blank discs and get the same issue. I uninstalled and went back to and it worked fine again (even with the same discs that failed before). I waited for the next update of and installed it. Same thing is happening again.

    Not sure if it's my system or a software issue. It created 2 logs for some reason, is this normal? Anyway, Log(s) attached...

    See my profile/information for system information

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Rebooted computer: Same issue

    Uninstalled AnyDVD and reinstalled Tried burning a disk with CloneDVD2: Works just fine.

    Updated to and tested CloneDVD2 again, it's working.... I don't know.....

    Don't know what to say, disregard this thread or even delete it.

    Maybe just bad media after all.

    Sorry for the trouble!
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    No problem, if it was anything to do with the program the board would lit up like a Christmas tree.