Issues with AnyDVD and Current Titles Amer Assassin, HitmansB ans LoganLucky

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  1. scampa12

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    I'm having issues ripping:
    American Assasin
    Hitmans Bodyguard

    Logan Lucky

    I've tried versions:

    I've attached some logs...

    I've gotten something on Logan Lucky, though not great. I did try to "rip disk to harddrive" for Hitmans Bodyguard....however I'm not able to get full rips. Many times Handbrake thinks it's finished before it truly starts or my computer has rebooted...lots of issues...

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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  3. scampa12

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    Thank you @Ch3vr0n , I had seen that...I'm actually not sure what worked...It may have been an update to my Windoze box...but now everything worked...and this is with me reinstalling