Issue with installation of AnyDVDHD

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  1. nebostrangla

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    On Windows 7 machine after saving exe. Or running without saving it pops up an error msg stating that:
    Windows cannot access the specified device, path , or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.
    It also doesn't matter where I save it.
    Redownloaded to confirm that it wasn't incomplete.
    I am logged in as administrator am only user on this machine. And I even tried the run as administrator from right-click over exe.
    I can start the installation of CloneBD as well .
    Troubleshooting says it's incompatible.
  2. RedFox 1

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    I cant even try and reproduce this , as I do not have any Windows 7 machines left. How much room do you have left on the specified device, path , or file? I am just guessing.
  3. BrianG61UK

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    Both installed fine on my Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) system.
  4. nebostrangla

    nebostrangla Well-Known Member

    267 GB
    I have no idea why it's doing this either. Especially when I see other users with Win7 machines using the latest AnyDVDHD without Problem.
    Will have to do some cleaning and maintenance and see if it is still a Problem.

    Newest cloneBD installed with NO problem. Just wanted to check for same thing. Since both were dl'd at same time.

    Was finally able to get to install. Still don't know what the issue was caused by. But since it installed I will just have to see what it does with the next version.
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