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    These two programs used to work fine with one another for me, but recently they do not. I have wrote the support team and here is what I got back, I am hoping that someone here will be able to assist me.
    > Customer: A > E-Mail : > RegKey : > xxxxxxxxx
    > Product : AnyDVD
    > Version :
    > OS : Windows XP Home
    > Drive(s): EZ-DUB 16x
    > Title(s): Bridge To Terrabitha;Dream Girls and more
    > ------------------------------------------------->
    > I just used these two as the most recent examples. But I
    > have had the same issue over the last couple of months.
    > Before ANYDVD worked perfectly fine along with DVD shrink. I
    > could have anydvd open and it would remove the encryptions
    > automatically, I could pull up dvd shrink and pick the files
    > I want and shrink/rip it. Now when I try to use the two
    > together. DVD will do its thing and remove the encryptions,
    > DVDshrink will analize the dvd showing no encryption. I will
    > pick my movie files, click backup and Get a pop up message
    > stating cannot back up file is encrypted. Why is this, It
    > never did this before what has changed and why? How can I
    > fix it.
    responce from slysoft support
    Shrink is too old to come to terms with the file structure on modern protected
    movie DVDs by itself. AnyDVD must rearrange the structure for Shrink first.
    Please click with the right mouse button onto the red fox tray icon in your
    Select "Rip Video-DVD to Hard-Disk" and rip the Video_TS folder of the DVD to
    that folder on your hard drive.
    Then open Shrink and let it read from that folder on the hard drive.
    Best regards,
    SlySoft Support
    my reply back
    This cannot be entirely true because on my laptop they work fine together
    same versions same DVD's without any problems. I've attempted to uninstall
    both programs and reinstall them but nothing seems to work. I wish I could
    fix it back the way it was haha, It was so much easier and convinient.
    Adding the step to rip with anydvd ripper is to slow and takes longer, I
    could bypass this step before by using anydvd as the decoder and shrink as
    the shrinker/ripper. I mean some of the movies shrink can handle on its own,
    but if I load anydvd first then open shrink to try the same movie it doesn't
    work together. Even though shrink is able to handle the movie on its own.
    You do not know of any soulution I may try to get them back working happy
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