ISOs, BDs, and HDs, can it work?

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    so, given the disparity between some disks that play wonderfully in PowerDVD from AnyDVD-HD, and then you put in the real BD and it won't play, can we use ISOs to allow us to use the latest version of PowerDVD?

    I have a Combo drive in the front room HTPC
    LG whatever
    The OEM version of PowerDVD is, known, to pass only 2CH off from the HD source.
    I can play Surf's Up, from my other PC, which has AnyDVD-HD running, and the ripped files on harddrive. I share the TB drive, and open the folders in PowerDVD OEM on the front PC.
    But I need to use the original install version of PowerDVD OEM to have "open files from Harddrive" enabled.
    Right so far?
    But in order to put the plain old original Surf's Up in and have it play, I need the more current version of PowerDVD installed, which then greys out the "open files from Harddrive"
    And to get 5.1 or better from PowerDVD, I need the full version installed and I can only get 3516 now.

    Is this making sense? If I missed some part of the puzzle I am eager to know what I should do.

    Yes, I own a fair number of BDs and HDs, but I like them ripped for convenience and not changing from one machine to the next. I also want 5.1 since I have a 7.1 system and upmixing from 2CH is NOT even close to upmixing from 5.1 or lossless.

    Can I instead keep all my rips in ISO format, and run the most current version of PowerDVD and write little batch programs to mount the ISO dynamically from NeroImageDrive?

    Edit: made an ISO of Dune HD-DVD, and Disk one, Blue Planet Blu-Ray. Both play fine when mounted in ImageDrive (using 2.5udf from Nero Burn) on my Gaming Rig that has AnyDVD-HD running. However, when I tried to load them on the front HTPC, mounted over the network, in Vista using another ISO program, they mount, but PowerDVD call an error.

    I found a version of 3319, and so can still use the "open folder" and get full surround via analog to my Onkyo reciever. Still nothing but stereo from the HDMI interface of the ATI 2600HD Pro though.
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