Is This Possible? : blu ray on hard drive and playback

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  1. the following is assuming 1080p..
    because of the high prices of blank blu ray discs, its probably cheaper to just save them on a hard drive. my question is, is it possible...

    1) with anyDVD HD to Decrypt blu Ray/ HD dvd so that:
    2) another program can rip the main movie only
    3) if so how much space would this take up uncompressed (say for a 2h movie)
    4) when it was ripped, could it be transfered to a tv with regular s-video
    5) would the playback screen need to be 1080p, or would the playback program be able to shrink it on the fly

    I was thinking that VLC may be able to play the unencrypeted movies back but i'm not sure if this would work

    i apologize if any of the previous questions have already been answered

    Update: I just read that s-video is not able to transfer well enough is is possable with dvi to a projector ?
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    I'm not expert on the subject but ive been using AnyDVD HD to decrpyt my movie isos that i've ripped off my ps3 and streaming to my HTPC PC.
    but as long as the movie doenst have BD+ AnyDVD HD can decrypt them, a uncompressed BD movie only is anywhere fro 23-45GB depending on the movie.i dont think the screen needs to be 1080p but it would look very very weird and you need a VERY powerful computer to run 1080P movies my computer is a Intel Core 2 Quad 6700, 4GB of Memory and 8800GTS video card and it still has a few chops here and there and connecting to a TV thorugh S-Video will make the picture look very very ugly.
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    Most hd movies (blu-ray.hd dvd ) copy around 25gigs, you need a minum of a dual core 1.86ghrts,2gig ram,and at least an invidia 8600gts graphic card,anydvdhd,powerdvd ultra build 3319a,all builds above this will not allow playback from hdd.:D
    you have to use either dv,hdmi or component to output in hd.