is there an Option for Archos 404 ?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by TheDuke, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. TheDuke

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    Hi there,

    I want to buy a Device for my Doughters Birthday - Archos 404 Camcorder.

    Now i own an Archos 704 TV which works fine using CloneDVDmobile.

    Question is now because i found no Option to choose the Archos 404 from the Menu - is it possible to convert the Movies for this Device and if so how can realize that to get the Files/Movies ready :doh:

    Thank you for Informations and Input - TheDuke :bowdown:
  2. eduj

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    I'd like to know that too,i just got a 404,download the cloneDVDmobile and no option for 404 :confused: Maybe choosing the option for the Archos 400?Anyone can help? :bowdown: thank you
  3. Peer

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    Tell me the specs, I'll add it for you.
  4. eduj

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  5. Peer

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  6. eduj

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    I tried the generic divx profile and it works.I chose 320x240.But i can't control the quality of the final file...the slider

    doesn't seem to work,the final file always has the same size (about 260 mb for a 40 min TV series episode) no matter where i put the slider...I guess this is normal(b/c the resolution is low)When i choose higher rez i get a much bigger file.
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