Is there a way to remove the text in the Title property.

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Lennon, Sep 9, 2016.

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    When creating either a mp4 or mkv file, some text is placed in the files "Title" property. Below, "Main feature" was added. I would like it blanked out because my TV's media player uses that text for the movie title. If blank, the movie name becomes the filename, which is what I want. Currently I manually blank it out and I would like to eliminate that step. Thanks!
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    Simply edit the title from within CloneBD.
    On the selection page, click on the title text and put in whatever you want, that's what's going to show up in the MP4 tag.
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    Lol, that's simple enough. Thanks for the tip, guess I won't be needing that tool anymore :)
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    lol, I looked at that many times and never saw it I guess. A big thanks!
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    If you've already processed some movies you or anyone else should try MKVToolNix for windows. Its seriously easy when you know how. Its an excellent companion to CloneBD.

    Click Edit Headers and then Open Matroska file. Select all of the files you want to edit at the same time to save clicks. You can edit each movie title and close them as you go along.

    Expand the Segment information arrow. Click on Title. Change Current value on the right to your movie name. Click the Header Editor menu up the top and select Save or press CTRL + S. Job done.

    Once you know about how to set the titles in CloneBD as you go through the process though, you'll never need that tool again. I had to go back and edit about 150 files so...
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    Thanks Homeworld. I do use it when needed and thanks for mentioning it for all.