Is there a list of the size of blu-ray movies?

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    i only want to buy movies that i can backup to a BD-R(E) Single Layer or some DVD+R (DL).

    Does anybody know a website with a list of the size (unshrinked) of the available european blu-ray movies?

    Or is there a list for already remuxed (shrinked with tsremux) european movies??
    I think it would be really helpful, because BD-R(E) Double Layer Media is to expensive at the moment for backing up movies.

    thank you very much..

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    List Of Movies

    I'd like to ask a very similar question is there a list of movies (in the US) that are 25GB or less or BD-R single sided so a guy doesn't have to try and make a larger movie fit on a smaller disk. Thanks...
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    thank you very much johnhd :rock:
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    Thanks much! :clap: