Is the Slysoft download site down?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by schmidtj, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Hey folks, the forum is still up and running - that's good news. I'm sure Slysoft will make use of it to let us know what is happening as soon as they can. There can be a whole lot of reasons that hasn't happened yet so hold on and have some patience. "Good things come those who wait."
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    Thanks Ch3vrOn for this.

    It is very much appreciated.
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    a01302ba579a8065fb0737a27532d4c3 *SetupAnyDVD7690.exe
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    For that particular download I get

    [mythtv@mythbe storage]$ sha256sum SetupAnyDVD7690.exe
    daf5fcb836d8ca2a59b7a8b787d7bd41360f19aa1eb8dc41ebfeac3999da40cf SetupAnyDVD7690.exe

    ... obviously I don't *know* the sha256 is valid but the md5 matches

    [mythtv@mythbe storage]$ md5sum SetupAnyDVD7690.exe
    a01302ba579a8065fb0737a27532d4c3 SetupAnyDVD7690.exe

    and the software signature according to winderz is "SlySoft, Inc."
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    A number of years ago dvd xcopy had the same fate. Im sure my concern will not help much, but i hope for a better outcome for you. I will simply put my backups to rest.i dont think i will find a better product than what you guys developed and i will not look for another. Good luck my friends...
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    more than likely this is connected to the reports.. we all know how Govt is being used for this kinda stuff.. what Hollywood and them are doing is Illegal .. for us "private users" of said software is our God given right .. i buy thousands of movies and put them on my Media center so i can view as i see fit ..that is my right and yours.. as long as you do NOT resale this is your property.. they are using the govt to serve there whimms.. No .. What they need to do is Comply with the Law .. and Go after the Pirated resales .. this is an over reach of govt .. the warnings are clear .. and to take something from us good people is wrong.....
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    Yes I agree with you, but Hollywood is also complaining that because we are using an HTPC, we're hurting sales of stand-alone Blu-ray players.
    Not so much if we use a licensed player like Power DVD, but I guess the free ones.
    If Power DVD had advanced options like MPC and custom filters that would be great.
    Or even better, I would pay money for MPC.
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    lol lets do the math... there's what 37,000 of us that use slysoft ..? mmmk and maybe ,, just maybe like 10% of that may actually pirate dvd's .. ok now.. i wounder how much money there putting into lawyers and such to get this done if its so.. seems cost worthy of this kinda action. eh "NOT" lol nahh i think we as a people need to understand what is actually going on.. govt over reach is getting out of control .. DVDs are clearly labeled with warnings of copy and resale .. What most don't understand is the copy you buy .. you have rights to do with as you please as long as warning is complied with meaning "resale" .. << that is pirating .. But to copy for your own records or backups is your right.. and that being said software like this one is intended for legal use.. if there lawyers are good they will win .. but i think us civilians need to start spreading the word and protect our rights .. the law needs to do what is in warning .. go after the PIRATES.. this means this software is not the problem .. and they need to go after the problem to solve it..
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    yeah i hear that and understand the delema.. all tho once a copy is bought .. that is yours .. the point of all this is they are trying to use the pirating laws to shut down this. but that in my view is Illegal by action.. it don't even tackle the issue of where they are loosing money witch is the pirating side of it.. but Govt legislation is being used to twist it and put us ..everyone in a position of loosing more rights.. im not sure what MPC is all about .. but if its anything like apples Itunes or what ever .. your not even owning the copy .. just the right and ability to view it using there software.. see.. its just more control over us is what its all about.. and why..? they cant get all the pirates is why and they are like lil spoiled children with tools at there disposal that will screw us all....
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    Well its a good thing I was able to recover my license from 2006 on Thursday. Even got it updated to HD just in time. Used it for years and lost the key. I'm sure people saw what happened to "Piratebay" a couple months ago, and they came back online. I'm sure Slysoft will too. The server that's built in the decryptor is still working for now and of course the forums are still going. So I'm guessing a new site will eventually grace us with its presence.
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    indeed . i hope so too.. tho.. i think we do need to stand up against this crap that Hollywood and freaks are doing .. bunch a yahoo's that are gunna end up screwing us bad if they keep getting away with this argument.. oh and if this is also about stand alone Players .. umm that's even scary'er because that's not even law .. that's a commercial fight and shouldn't even apply to home media or Backups .. Blue ray will ultimately endup the same as DVD situation .. i think there just all lieing .. trying to use the copyright laws to control how much they suck from us...
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    The idea of encrypting a message against the intended recipient is a self-contradiction, and in modern times copying bits are trivial in many different ways. SlySoft excels at making things easy for a workflow that does not involve a stack of physical disks and and an obnoxious physical DVD player. It's almost certainly not directly about revenue ... which is transforming as the world moves to streaming in any case, but more about a sense of control for those that value such hopes. For me, the loss of anyHD+clone might push me to other products, or back to non HD (640p isn't awful), or to streaming ... all of which I use and pay for in parallel and integrated with the HTPC.
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    Riddle me this. What is the difference in using back up copies when you get a digital code in most Blu-ray packages anyway. Nothing. I prefer to back up my discs cause my 5 year old daughter doesn't know the difference. I also think physical is always better with my surround sound than anything I get streaming. That is the reason I Backup my copies that I own. I do however believe that Pirating is a shame, no matter how it is done. There are more trivial things happening in the world than trying to take down a full website with multiple programs to stop just one of them.
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    Not sure if you meant this rhetorically _ MPC _ Media Player Classic-Home Cinema is a free player, it works very well for Blu-rays and IMO better then any licensed player, stand-alone or HTPC.
    There are almost endless settings for the advanced user or one can just use the defaults.
    It's the only player at the moment that can handle the UHD Blu-rays once the correct filters are applied.

    That's what pisses me off, who the hell are they dictating what player I can and can't use _ licensed or un-licensed.
    Manufactures that have to pay exorbitant licensing fees so we can play our Blu-rays legally _ why should that become my problem ?
    Who is getting all that money for these licensing fees, and it's not just a small amount _ something like 20 or 30,000.00$ ! (I'm assuming annually !)

    Cyberlink has to pay this, that's why we have to pay Cyberlink for Power DVD.

    Sorry, just having a little rant. :rolleyes:
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    BrianG61UK Well-Known Member is now pointing to a different server and it just serves up this:

    <title>closed :-(</title>
    <p>Due to recent regulatory requirements we have had to cease all activities relating to SlySoft Inc.<br>
    We wish to thank our loyal customers/clients for their patronage over the years.