Is the following possible with a PS3?

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    Good morning everyone - I apologise if this information is clearly available somewhere - I assure you I have googled and was unable to obtain definitive information.

    So, is it possible to take a UK (region B) playstation 3, use it to rip to ISO a US (region A) bluray disc in YDL, transfer the iso to a PC and playback using anydvd-hd & powerdvd? I am reasonably confident of the workflow there - its the region A disc in a reg. B PS3 that I feel may prove a sticking point.

    Secondly (and far less likely), is it possible for the PS3 to playback a bluray iso without first burning it to a recordable bluray disc? Even just the raw movie file itself? If I understand correctly, I can take a (decrypted) m2ts file and stream it across the network from any DLNA compatible device, right?

    Many thanks, and again I apologise if I am asking daft questions.
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    The answer to your first question is yes, although I question the YDL component in that unless you have it installed for other things than just ripping discs. If ripping is all you care about, use SAK as that's what it was designed for. As long as you're not attempting to play the region A disc on the PS3, it doesn't really care what's on it. It'll make an exact image of the disc. On your PC, you can do whatever you want. AnyDVD might be able to remove the region coding. If not, there are other solutions such as changing the region in PowerDVD. AnyDVD region coding is being looked into to make it slightly more robust from what Slysoft has said, so, things will improve on that front soon.

    The second question is no. You can't play a blu-ray iso on a PS3. Streaming the m2ts file is hit or miss for most people. VC1 content seems to be a no. MPEG2 and AVC have more success.
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    SamuriHL - thank you for your concise and considered reply - you're a champ :)