Is PowerDVD's BD Region Change Changeable?

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  1. nickb23

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    Hi All,
    Just got a BD US Disc of Surfs Up here in the UK, and for Some reason I couldn't get my trial of AnyDVD HD to remove the region coding. I tried both automatic aswell as Region A but in power DVD it still came up wrong region. Well as this is my first disc, I decided to change the region in Power DVD Ultra to A. It then played fine which is cool. I now have only 4 changes left, and I was wondering if anyone has been able to reset the change amount. I have tried that registry file thing to change it to 9999, but it does not work with my latest version of PowerDVD.

    Also is it the drives firmware that is saying it only have 4 tries left, and then the drive will then be stuck to that region (like with DVD) or is it purely software?

    My Drive is the HD-DVD / BD LG Combo Reader - not writer..


    Nick B
  2. Adbear

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    What version of powerdvd and version of windows
  3. nickb23

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    sorry about that totally forgot to add that. I have got the latest power dvd ultra (cant remember what version it is) all running on xp home.

  4. Adbear

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    you need to roll back to 3319a. Those fixes don't work with the latest version
  5. A Pal

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    PowerDVD - Blu-Ray-Region Reset


    Perhaps SuperGoof or someone else can figure out where and how the new PowerDVD version stores BD-Region and lets us know.

    Then the creation of a reset-key collection or a program that can reset different versions would be possible..

    The development of WinDVD and other Blu-ray player programs should also be watched carefully.

    If SlySoft should release its own Blu-ray-compatible player, it should have no Region limitations (neither for BD nor for DVD).

    I would like to know more about the structure of the BD-Region code, so please note also my thread .

    Many greetings, :)

    A Pal
  6. Rathbone80

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    Oh c'mon,

    please use the search function next time. I am posting the following for the 3rd or 4th time now:

    Delete X:\ProgramData\CyberLink\BDNAV\brf.dat, disable Cyberlinks brs.exe service before doing this. Don't know if this works for XP too.

    before 3516:
    Vista: delete CLDSHOWX.ini in PowerDVD folder.
    XP: Apply the reg patches I posted here

    BD region codes are only stored in the software, not the drive. So it is quite easy to find out where the region codes are stored. Found the location of the BD regions in Nero Showtime too.
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  7. nickb23

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    thanks rathbone, i will try it with xp tonight. It is also something that I did look for through the search function, and all I was able to find was the registry hack, which didnt work. Things like these can be a nightmare to search for in forums, and can waist hours..

    thanks again.

    Nick B
  8. nickb23

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    I have been able to remove BRF.dat and it seems to work. Puts it back to 5 changes remaining!!!!!

    But it is in the following directory:

    E:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CyberLink\BDNAV

    I did a search, and only found it when "search hidden files and folders" was highlighted.


    Nick B
  9. A Pal

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    Is there also a possibility for Windows XP? Where does this version of PowerDVD store Region and counter data?
    If we know it, we could make new reset keys that can set to counter to much more than just five new changes (perhaps 99999 again).

    And so far nobody has answered my question in the thread "The Secret of the Blu-Ray Codes." Where and how are the Region codes saved on a Blu-ray, and what values do they have? There are, fortunately, much fewer combinations possible than in the case of DVD Regions (ABC [= region free], A, AB [= BA], AC [= CA], BC [= CB], and C).

    Many greetings, :)

    A Pal
  10. Rathbone80

    Rathbone80 Well-Known Member

    nickb23s solution is for XP.

    I tried to hexedit the brf.dat, but more than 6 changes aren't possible.
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  11. YaniD

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    Since there seem to be issues with BD region coding, even with AnyDVD HD, could Slysoft explain what the AnyDVD HD "Remove Blu-Ray Region Code" setting actually does; why it doesn't seem to work in some cases; and what is being done to improve the situation?

    I don't have Bluray capability yet, but when I do, it would be good to know that AnyDVD HD will make it a non-issue when I want to import titles from other regions.
  12. sploo

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    Resurrecting a rather old thread here, but hoping someone might be able to help...

    I'm trying to get Bluray playback working on a machine with PowerDVD 8 installed. I don't know the full history of what's been done with this machine, but it's running Vista32, has PowerDVD installed, but didn't have a Bluray drive.

    On the BDROM tab, the number of changes remaining is listed as 0, but none of the region codes are selected. I added a BDROM drive to the PC, and I've set this as the Default Disc Drive, however I still can't change the region.

    I've tried the brf.dat and CLDShowX.ini hacks, but neither works. As expected, the registry keys aren't present on Vista to change. Anyone know what might be going on (and could offer a fix)?

    BTW Checking the details on the About box for PDVD indicates it's running version 8.0.1531.50.
  13. Bigrick

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    are you trying to change the region for powerdvd to play your discs?

    if so go under tools in powerdvd and click on the BDROM tab and click the region you want
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  14. sploo

    sploo Member

    I am indeed! Thanks for the reply.

    That's what I'd tried:

    I was wondering if someone had already made several changes, but then surely one of the regions would be selected? If it's all software based, there must be a way of resetting the region count, but I guess it's changed in this version.
  15. Rathbone80

    Rathbone80 Well-Known Member

    I have the lastest version of PDVD 8 and region coding is still stored in brf.dat. I use it all the time to test if discs are region locked.
  16. sploo

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    Odd... I wonder if there's some quirk with PowerDVD being used before a BDROM drive is present. I think we have the install disc somewhere, so I'll uninstall PDVD, then reinstall it with the drive on the system. Got to be worth a try.
  17. sploo

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    Just a quick update - I never got any success with PDVD 8, but I found we'd got an install disc for v7.3, and that allowed a region selection to be made (and is now playing discs fine).

    I've not tried any region hacking on this version - basically, it works, so I'm not going to mess with it right now!