Is Latest PowerDVD Patch Breaking "Play from Folder"?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by preiner, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. preiner

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    I have several of my movies ripped to hard disk using the AnyDVD HD ripper (so far I cant find any other program that can do this - please feel free to suggest), which played fine using PowerDVD Ultra (although menus are buggy).

    Earlier this week I received a popup indicating there is now a patch available that improves java support and other fixes.

    However, after applying the patch, I cant play from folders anymore. It will play from the LG combo drive AND it will play individual MTS files, but no matter which folder I select, the OK button is always grayed out.

    Is there some thing PowerDVD is looking for. I have pointed to the root of the rip directory and i have also tried pointing all of the subdiretories.

    It seems like the update broke folder playback..
  2. jdohn2002

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    That feature was removed from power dvd ultra a few updates ago. The last version that offered folder playback was 3319a. With newer versions, you can only play back from Iso images and discs.
  3. preiner

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    What is the "best" way to rip/play a BD?

    Since PDVD no longer plays from folder, it seems to me that anydvd's rip function is next to useless.

    Is there something Im missing?

    I dont believe anydvd can create an ISO. I did create an iso using another app, but PDVD wont play it.

    Can someone provide steps to play BD reliably from an HD. I would prefer a method that doesnt make me select the individual streams and manually put them in the correct order.

    Thanks in advance
  4. AJP

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    Put your disc in the drive, let anydvd remove the aacs, use imgburn to copy it as an iso to the hard disc, mount the iso with daemon tools, play your movie.

    If it is already on HDD as a folder just use imgburn in build mode to make an .iso
  5. Turtleggjp

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    The key thing to remember is that PowerDVD will NOT play your .ISO file directly. It must be mounted with a tool, such as Daemon Tools (free too), so it appears as an optical drive with a disc in it to PowerDVD. In the future, you can use ImgBurn in "Read" mode to rip your discs, even if you do not have a UDF 2.5 driver installed in your system. Works for me under Windows 2000. Even though I cannot view the mounted ISO in Windows 2000, PowerDVD is still be able to read it, and I can view the mounted ISO on computers where I have the UDF 2.5 driver installed.
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  6. Muttley

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    Out of interest, why does Daemon Tools only work with an ISO? Is there no way of mounting a folder so that it appears as an optical drive?