Is it safe to Multi task while ripping?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by starz, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. starz

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    Is it safe to rip Blu-Ray and DVDs with anydvd and clone DVD while doing resource intense stuff at the same time, like playing a BD rip From Drive C and riping a DVD and or Blu-ray or gaming,

    I'm Using A gateway OEM media PC that was built for HD media gaming and so on,

    for now I'm using Win XP pro SP 2 with all updates in place, a nvidia Ge force 8500 gt with hdmi output to my HD TV
    2 GB of Ram
    and a dual core amd athlon 6000+ 3.0 ghz
    and a WD 7200 RPM sata HDD

    I'm testing by riping and using the PC at the same time and I'm getting no issues so far, I expected that playing a bd rip from drive c while riping a DL DVD with compression and browsing the web would cause the playback of the rip to not keep up,

    I want to get rid of my other PCs and just use the one but ripping bd is slow
    and in the past with my older computers and older DVD rip software (Not anydvd) using the comp and riping seamed to lead to more often then not corrupted outputs, it seams to not be a question of weather my hard wear can do it but weather or not the softwear can,

  2. kd5yov

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    Sometimes depending on what I do at the time the DVD recorder acts as though it might quit recording, starts pulsating noises? But I do it all the time with a computer that has 4gb of ram..

    I would hate to see what some of the 512mb-2gb machines will do though..
  3. oldjoe

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    I do many things while copying movies on my PC's. Main PC is a 3.0 P4 w/1GB of RAM. I've done the same with a 2.8 Celeron w/512MB RAM. Never a problem but these are all Home built PC's. Software will also play a role in multi-tasking. There are several DVD authoring softwares that simply do not work while doing other apps or even with other softwares are active.
  4. Charlie

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    Not sure how safe it is since you are speaking of BD as well.
  5. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    BD ripping more sensitive then DVD toward corrupting?
  6. bilbo65

    bilbo65 Well-Known Member

    At the least it is more resource intensive.
  7. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    The computer is OEM hardware wise, But the O/S is not the PC was windows vista pre 32bit OEM, I did prefer XP, though I have noticed that all DVDs and BDs are lower quality playback on XP, assuming thats cause of direct x9, the hardware is all hardware that you can buy to build your own, I only went with this OEM cause it was 3 x cheaper then buying the same parts retail and building, but with that said I'm not a OEM computer fan myself, I rather build my own.
    with that said, I'm glade to hear someone is doing multi Tasking without issue.
    The problems I had in the past were like 4+ years ago with another program that was called CloneDVD4 witch has not been updated since April 2007
    CloneDVD4 has nothing to do with Slysofts CloneDVD Product though it has the similar name witch tricked at first when I first bought anydvd.

    anydvd, and clone DVD, well all of slysofts products are the best I have ever owned/used,

  8. starz

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    dunno about the ram I have freemeter running all the time so I can see in real time PAG MEM CPU usage, with that my ram never goes much over 30 % used, 4 GB of Ram wont run on XP Pro, if your using vista well that uses like 70 % of my ram at 2 GB,

    Freemeter is just that a free meter for system performance it dose not tweak or increase or mess with stuff I have used it for over 6 years on every PC I own, I'd recommend it to anyone as it keeps the Ram and CPU Gage next to the clock and even HDD space and keeps it updated in real time,
    it's small 888 KB and uses nearly no resources,
  9. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    at playback yeah by far,
    but ripping it? just didn't notice that much impact I mean there is some, but compressing DVD 9 to DVD 5 seams to be allot more,
  10. poolshark2014

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    multitasking while ripping is no problem and is not prohibited but multi tasking while burning is a big no no.
  11. oldjoe

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    I have no problems doing many other things on my PC while burning DVD's. I sometimes rip w/one drive (DVD-ROM) and burn with one of the DVDRW's. It is highly dependant on the PC hardware and the DVD authoring software.
    As I mentioned in my previous post (#3), there are DVD softwares that are very selective about the presence other softwares and even hardware. I know of one in particular that almost requires the user to shut down all running processes while it operates...and it still has problems. :D
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    just wanted to say thanks to everyone for there feedback with my concerns it has helped, I can now make a choice in what I'm going to do, 8)

    Thanks again :D