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Is it possible to play play Blu-Ray using HD-DVD Player?


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Jul 22, 2007
If it is possible to play BR and HD using 1 high definition dvd player how do you go about doing it through your PC? The reason why I ask is because dual format combo players are on the horizon. So why not use your PC if you have it?
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I have the XBOX360 HD-DVD Addon and the Pioneer BDC-202 connected to my PC. Cost me about 350 Euro. It's the cheapest way to get both formats.
thanks for the update. I guess there is no real way of doing this. I wonder if there is way to get both HD/BD on your harddrive without having to buy both HD/BD drives (just buy the movies)??
Don't LG have a PC drive that's a Blu-ray writer, hd-dvd player?
Don't LG have a PC drive that's a Blu-ray writer, hd-dvd player?

The GGW-H10NI simply costs too much. I don't find that an attractive alternative. The GBW-H10NI is less however, I don't find the asking price attractive either.
then there is no other way of doing it with 1 drive and it's more expensive to buy 2 seperate drives which you'll find even less attractive