Is Full Hd-dvd Rip, Incl. Bonus Content Possible

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    I have XBOX USB 2.0 drive connected to a bad-to-the-bone PC running Vista 32-bit. PC is connected to Samsung HD Display 1080i.

    Many HD DVDs have bonus content, and I noticed AnyDVD does a great job getting "most" of the disc - primarily the top menu and main feature/movie. It isn't however, equivalent to performing rip to an ISO image; which of course could be mounted and used like the real deal - giving you access to any/all media on the disc, so to speak.

    Is ripping the full content or an ISO possible now with

    Or will rip to ISO be available in the future?

    I ask this because here's the deal ::

    Ripping "Pitch Black" --> no matter what settings I have in AnyDVD HD, I can't watch the film (by loading files in PowerDVD Ultra HD) without damn subtitles. This movie has subtitles in 3 or 4 languages, and in set-top players you can of course NOT have any subtitles. For the life of me, I can't get the subtitles to go away. I can scroll through the different languages available, but can't get them to go away, or be "OFF".

    I noticed in PowerDVD the "Menus" menu has "Subtitle Menu" as an availble selection, but it is "dimmed-out" when I'm playing the files back. It is as if the process of doing the "rip" missed a file or something.

    If you can give me insight on this I'd appreciate it; sub-titles are very distracting if you dont need them.

    AnyDVD HD is the most awesome thing ever, thanks SlySoft!!!

    Your product makes these new technologies just AWESOME to play around with.

    Happy User,
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    Ummm, you need to be using PowerDVD 7.3, then everything will work.
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    Thanks for the reply, I noticed I'm running 7.1; I didn't realize that was the case.

    Thanks again!