Is CloneDVDMobile the Best Tool For Stocking Video Jukebox?

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    I own AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneDVDMobile (and several other video tools, such as the DIVX Pro suite, the Nero suite, etc.). I recently purchased a Philips DVP-5982 dvd player which has a USB port and is "Divx Ultra certified." It will play any DIVX encoded file from a cd, dvd or from a usb flashdrive or usb harddrive (if formated in FAT16 or FAT32). I considering ripping all of my children's movies to Divx, putting them on a usb hard drive hooked to the Philips 5982 and just using the whole thing as a video jukebox to eliminate the hassle of misplaced and scratched discs (my kids' discs get more wear and abuse in 6 months, than mine do in a lifetime). In fact, if it goes, well, I'll probably do it with my movies too.

    Project Goals:
    -- Preserve subtitles (including in multiple languages)
    -- Preserve multiple audio tracks (incl. mult. languages; director's comments, etc.)
    -- Preserve title and chapter structure (but toss the coming attractions and interpol warnings)
    -- save space, by using latest divx format.

    Q. - Is CloneDVDMobile the best tool for this project?

    If not, what way would be better? All suggestions and feedback are welcome.
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    Video Jukebox

    I currently have my DVD's converted to DIVX , and installed on 4 500GB WD USB
    hardrives. Until reading your post I had saw no info that the Philips DVD had to be FAT32. I went and bought another USB formatted FAT32 and tested it and it worked. THANXS.. B4 this I had attached them all to a Laptop and played them thru it to an attached 27" Monitor/TV.

    The kids just luv going to the Laptop and selecting from the 800+ DVD's I've converted. I convert the new DVD's with Clone DVD mobile immediately then put the DVD into a locked storage area. Also when I travel I can just take the HD's with me and hook them up to my Philips DVD PET 1002 which is great for the car; or can be hooked up to any TV. Also recommend burning DVD's with their favorite movies to save ware an tear on the originals.