Irdeto acquires Denuvo

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DrinkLyeAndDie, Jan 24, 2018.

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    This is just a sidenote but one I find humorous from the Irdeto website in their description of BD+.

    It used to be that BD+ prevented piracy. Now they market it as merely a delay. They've accepted reality, at least.
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    BD+ 2.0? AACS 2.0? Oh my! Hopefully AnyDVD will be able to handle them both because I don't see those other guys in China breaking it anytime soon.
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    BD+ is only used by Fox Home Entertainment. If Fox is aquired by Disney, BD+ might die. We'll see...
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    Good point.
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    Tech Power Up: Denuvo Responds to 4.8 Bypass with Updated 5.0 Protection

    And so the battle continues.

    Layering one protection scheme on top of another, and possibly another, when there are performance implications isn't the best idea especially now that we're dealing with Meltdown & Spectre. It never was a good idea to begin with.That said, if gamers have no option they're out of luck until someone removes/bypasses the protections.
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    News like this makes me more than a bit happy that I try as much as possible to avoid going with the latest and greatest crazes.

    OK, so I am a Luddite for being mostly DVD only, I think I can live with all the sneering from my "betters."
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