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  1. GreenHead

    GreenHead Active Member

    Does anyone know if either of the 2 apple selections works on the iPhone?
    There is ipod video and ipod video 5.gen(hires).
    This is my first apple device.
    I have creative products.

  2. Scarpad

    Scarpad Well-Known Member

    Yes Either Will, the specs for Iphone are the Same as the Ipod. It will support up to 640x480 Mpeg4 up to 2500kbps. AVC would yield a bit smaller files, but straight MPEG4 will certainly Work. And considering how fast Clonemobile is encoding, it might be the preferred choice
  3. GreenHead

    GreenHead Active Member

    It copied right over . Thanks for your help. Anyonelse get one yet. They are amazing at what they can do.
  4. theorioles33

    theorioles33 New Member

    Got my iPhone a couple weeks ago. Very cool device. And of course, CloneDVD Mobile is the best converting software out there!
  5. appdevman

    appdevman Member

    it shreds

    I'm using it to create this reply! You have to get one. Everyday I watch anime during lunch break...awesome!