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    iphone errors

    The problem everyone is having regarding DVD mobile making a good file that imports to Itunes but not the Iphone is an issue with the latest update to DVD mobile. I have been using this program for over a year and it worked fine until I updated it and I had the same problem. I searched online for an older version v1.2.0.1 and uninstalled the latest version and installed this older one and everything works perfect again. Slysoft screwed something up on the latest update and this is NOT an issue with Itunes or your phone. Download this version and it will work.

    Good luck
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    Apple also seems to have been part of the problem....
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    thats a really crappy way of treating people who pay for products to work CORRECTLY! If Slysoft Can Not make them correctly, dont release them! I've worked in Software since I used a paper punch to repair code, that doesn't make your reply any less assinine! I'm running windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and CDM doesn't work at all, It starts, then goes OH! NO!. Im trying to put these videos on my PS3 in MP4. I guess thats iTunes too?! (especially since i dont use it)
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    Use the profile here. It solves the problem and works well with The beta version has changes to the iPhone profile that should also allow it to work though there may be other problems with that version. If so try downloading the version and manually installing the profile.

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    Asinine? That would be quoting a post that has nothing to do with this thread.

    CDM and Windows 7 works fine for other people, why do you think that you are the exception that proves some kind of rule? Possibly your system configuration is at fault? Did you do a clean install? Did you have CDM working OK before?

    If you have worked in software that long, then you should understand the process, whcih starts with explaining how your problem developed.

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    Woody669 is complaining about the PS3, not an Apple device - don't know how s/he ended up in this (old) thread, other than to gripe.
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    Let's keep the discussion civil. I'm not in the mood to issue infractions right now, but, if this discussion degrades further into personal attacks, then I won't have a choice. I understand the frustration, but, there are forum rules that need to be adhered to. Consider this a warning. :policeman: