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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Rigel, Feb 10, 2008.

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    I'm currently evaluating AnyDVD and CloneDVD for putting my movie collection on my PC, and using that as a server for my TV (I'm rather excited about never needing to switch discs...).

    Anyway, I'm using TMPGEnc to encode the movies to .mp4, which mostly works quite well. However, two movies are causing me problems: Stranger than Fiction, and The Pink Panther (there may be others, but until I get my new HDDs in a month or so I'm only trying this with a few dozen movies).

    In both cases, using CloneDVD to rip just the main title yields VOB files that TMPGEnc can't read (it gives an error code, and says its an unsupported file), and that's the main problem. I tried encoding directly from the disc, but the main title is missing from the title list (and yes, AnyDVD is running).

    Has anyone else encountered this faulty output from CloneDVD? To be fair, I've tested trials of other DVD encoding solutions, and nothing else seems able to cope with these two discs, either.

    I really like this particular combination (TMPGEnc & AnyDVD), and if I can get it working for all my movies, I'll be purchasing a license when my evaluation is up.
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    So sorry, I created the log file, and forgot to post it :)

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    No. And I own Stranger than Fiction. Clonedvd handles this disc perfectly fine. Ensure all options are selected when ripping. Then test that rip using your dvd playback software on your computer. If the movie plays (and it will if you did everything properly in Clonedvd using Anydvd's default settings), then the problem lies elsewhere.