invalid disk error after playing a few times

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    This has happened so far on the ritek white printable 8X & the Verbatim white printable 12X Dvd-R. I use anydvd & clonedvd2. The disc will play perfect once or twice They are then placed in storage either a spindle or a dvd binder . After a month I will try and play it & I receive the invalid disk error. This happens on my home & pc dvd players. I assume bad disk. Are Verbatim & Ritek the same?:confused:
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  2. Webslinger

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    No. And I don't have any experience with white inkjet surface media, so my advice would be useless.

    But I agree that it does sound as though the discs went bad.
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    Try switching to +R media. I use some Verbatim +R printable's with no problems.
    I have some that are over 2 yrs. old that play back just fine.
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    What's the brand name,model#,and current firmware version for your drive?

    You've got the same issue with ritek and verbatim media. Ritek dash 8x media (Ritek-G05)is questionable.A lot of peeps have trouble with it,so it's usually hit or miss. The dash verbatim should be very good.

    It sounds like your player is having trouble reading the dash format.Some burners can have a hard time with dash-like Benq drives. It could also be your burner. There's some crappy drives out there,and also check for the latest firmware update for that burner. Maybe a firmware update is do?

    Best route would be plus format media and booktyped to dvd-rom. That'll rid majority of the no disc errors. Dash format can't be booktyped,making it an inferior format.

    Let us know the answers to my questions and we'll see if your burner has that bitsetting capability to booktype.