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    I'm trying to recover a backed up image of an blu-ray disc "Dolby Atmos for the Home", a demo disc from 2015.
    I have the original file structure and all the files copied to my hard drive.
    CloneBD sees it OK and starts the process to burn them to a blank blu-ray. It runs for about 5 minutes and then I get this transcode error:
    [00:12:01.704] - [ERROR ] [0x0000000020655000] FRAME::AddExtension:546 > __ensure(ExtCount + 1 < _countof(ExtPayload))

    [00:12:01.704] - [ERROR ] [0x0000000020655000] transcoder stop error: 0x80004005

    [00:12:01.704] - [ERROR ] [0x0000000020655000] last reported error: 'FRAME::AddExtension:546 > __ensure(ExtCount + 1 < _countof(ExtPayload))' (6)

    [00:12:01.704] - Error in processStreams

    I've also uploaded the log file.
    Any idea what is happening?

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