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    Hi all, ive not been on here for a long while, im interested in buying Anystream, I remember in the early days of Redfox there were some problems in payment security/saftey and Bitcoin was recomended for that reason.
    Has that been sorted and therefore can I buy using Visa with safety.

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    Wrong section, moved. The Anystream section is reserved for product related discussions only. Moved to license section.

    The payment "issues" are never going to stop being a fight to get working, due to the situation of redfox dealing in decryption tools (and it's not easy finding payment providers for them). Wether VISA works will depend on your region. For the USA it's currently non-functional but MasterCard is, only other path is cryptocurrency at the moment. Though staff hopes to get Visa working again some time next week (no guarantees)
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    I'm by no means an expert but why don't they sell digital downloads of various office templates or something. I'd like the full HR management bundle please haha! Maybe it's easier than it sounds but lots of people sell digital products without issue, I suppose there's taxes to file but adjust the retail price accordingly and then file. We all know that no business pays taxes anyway, they simply pass the cost through to the end user. Anyway, I don't really care as I have bitcoin BUT I can say that it was an absolute nightmare signing up with cex, also the processing fees were ridiculous. My guess is that most people will not bother if they had the same difficulty as I did when establishing an account. The one thing I found after the fact is that in my state there are several Bitcoin ATM machines which may be a better option for some.
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    You think redfox paus taxes? You have to have a business address for that;-) redfox doesn't even have an office location or dedicated bank account. That's all done to prevent being shutdown like slysoft was.

    What doesn't exist can't be taken away :) or at the very least it will be extremely difficult

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    Absolutely not, thats why using Paypal is problematic. MyBusinessTemplatesdotcom on the otherhand has a business license and pays taxes.... :whistle: Again, I'm no expert so maybe there is a hurdle here that I don't see, I mean you'd have to keep the two completely separate on paper but also make sure that users in the forum here know to add some sort of identifier when ordering (maybe a link here could automatically generate a unique ID at the payment portal or something, IDK). I guess if it were that easy they would have thought of it though.