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  1. Kshoe3

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    Yesterday, I went to Best Buy to get some more blank dvd's. I ran across a 50 pack of Verbatim Dvd's. It had a free 60 day trial to Intellifix online dvd rentals. It seems kind of strange to me that this company would be giving free 60 day trials to people who are buying blank media. Personally, I am not going to take them up on this offer, but what's your opinion on this?

  2. ivanX

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    Read the small print or even better - post it here. If there are no catches, then what's the harm? :)
  3. sneakers

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    Just because people buy movies doesn't mean they don't rent too. I don't think Intellifix really cares what people do with their rentals anyway just as long as they make their money. :D
  4. deaacs

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    Well yes, after all rental is like piracy - the movie industry doesn't get any revenue from it...