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Intel D975XBX and D975XBX2 Motherboards


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Jan 28, 2007
With the latest bios and drivers from Intel, the D975XBX motherboard does not support SATA drives on the primary SATA controller. The secondary SATA controller works fine. The D975XBX2 motherboard does not support SATA drives on either controller. This may also be a problem with other Intel 975 chipset motherboards. Hopefully, they will provide a fix for this soon. If you need a workaround try a Silicon Image chipset based SATA controller card.

The ATA IDE controller on thes motherboards works fine. Also, you can add additional ATA IDE drives by using SYBA (Silicon Image 680A chipset) IDE controller cards. They work very well but may need bios and driver updates from siliconimage.com.

Edit: I was referring to SATA DVD and Blu-ray drives. See further info below.
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I have 4 Sata drives hooked up to my D975XBX

They are all plugged into the black sata ports. 3 of them are under a raid 0 configuration and the other is an external WD My Book e-sata drive.
I'm sorry, I was unclear. The drives I was referring to are SATA DVD and Blu-ray drives.

With the D975XBX, I used both a Samsung SH-S183 drive and a Liteon LH-2B1S drive and all would stop writing while burning to a DVD-R disc when they were connected to the black connectors. I tried this with both XP and Vista. All worked fine when connected to the blue connectors. I was burning with Nero.

If you or anyone else has SATA DVD or Blu-ray drives working on the black connectors of either motherboard (also blue and red on the D975XBX2) please let me know the details on what drives, bios, motherboard bios, and motherboard drivers you are using.
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