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    I Found a site that is selling "BARE" drives. I'm looking to remove the drive from my Dell 8250. Can I just use the cables that are already in my computer? Or will the cables be different?

    Since I should be able to download drivers and Firmware, I don't really need to buy a retail version, right?
    And If I don't need the cables that come with the retail version, I should be OK with the old cables on my old burner. Right?

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    Got a second question. I've been reading about DW1650's being sold in Compusa boxes. I guess this is called rebadgeing? Anyway's even if it is in a compusa box or any other box for that matter, is it still basically the same drive and will I get the same performance? Or is it a "dumbed down " version of the drive?

    Sorry...I'm still learning about this stuff....but learning fast!!
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    As long as it's the same kind of drive (IDE or SATA), it shouldn't be a problem. Unhook the old one and hookup the new one. Make sure the jumper on the new one is set the same as the old one.

    After you install and reboot, Windows will detect new hardware. Let Windows install a new driver for you. Firmware is built into the drive, on a chip. While you can flash a drive with newer firmware (when available), there is no firmware to install, along with the drive.
    Good luck!
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    Hard to say. When a company gets rebadged drives, they usually write their own firmware for them. Their version may or may not recognize all discs put in it, or may have a feature less, than the original company's firmware.
    That being said, you should still be ok with a rebadged drive. :)
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    if it comes with there own firmware, can't I just cross flash?
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    Perhaps but not necessarily. Also note, flashing firmware with anything other than the authorized versions from the manufacturer will void the warranty.
    If you have any doubts about the quality of the drive, go to Newegg. They are very reputable, they sell a wide variety of OEM drives at very reasonable prices (around $30) and they come with a full warranty.
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